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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dalyon the Maitland Saddleworld dog

 created 2009
 20 x 30cms custom framed oil
 Dalyon is the Maitland saddleworld dog.

 Dalyon was a big gangly puppy at the time so we decided to focus in on his expression. I took photos and made horse whinnying sounds ( lol's) which inspired the quizzical expression used for the portrait..

 I started Dalyon's portrait as a demonstration painting and finished him off in the studio.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Antonia finished

Here is Antonia finished.

 30 x 40cms image size 
 Custom framed Oil

Antonia hates having her photo taken and didn't really understand what I was doing when we organised her portrait so Peter and I were a bit worried about how she'd react to the portrait.
 When I showed it  her face lit up and she said " I like it ! Can I have it?"
Peter said " It's for your birthday mum".
 I said - "you look great" ( meaning in the portrait and in real life ) and she said " not bad!"
  Peter and I were delighted that she loved her portrait!
Now the family will have  a great heirloom that mum can enjoy and the others remember her by long after she's passed away.

I'll be painting at Warners Bay Sunday 2nd April

I'll be painting as part of the Hunter Arts Bazaar.
 I'll have a play with both of these unfinished Oil demo paintings. 

This border collie was started in 2013.Boy time flies.
I didn't realise it was that long ago!

This one  in 2016.
Come along and see it progress.
If you've been thinking of having a portrait created say hello , have a talk and show me your photos.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How I create portraits that are more alive than your photo! Portrait of Antonia 103 years old

I am creating a family heirloom portrait of Antonia who will be turning 104 years old in March.
Here are some really early stages of her portrait. 
The family want her ' warts and all" but I will still fine tune things to bring her to life!
I'm enjoying painting her. 
 Antonia doesn't like being photographed but I went and took 100's of photos  and this is the one the family chose. 
 Her portrait is a 30 x 40cms image size custom framed Oil.

 The sketch .  On request I've reduced the size of her nose a little although it's hard to see in the drawing.

A rough under painting in acrylic

 Here she is roughly 60% completed. I will emphasise the important things like her expression and add subtle colours for interest.
Since this photo was taken we are now at the final tweaking stages and I'm enjoying playing and adding subtle colours to give her portrait interest.
I'm also enjoying deciding what I want to emphasise and what things to downplay. This is how I create flattering lifelike portraits.
Unlike in a photo where everything has the same emphasis, in her portrait I can make her eyes more important , downplay wrinkles, enhance her expression and generally play around to ensure the best result.
When you look at your loved one or pet you don't see every detail- you hone in on what is important to you - their eyes and expression .
I recreate this in the portraits I create for you.
This is why the painted portraits I create are always so much more alive than the photo!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wolfie's memorial portrait finished

 Memorial portrait of Wolfie
40 x 50cms image size
Custom framed Oil

Anne came out to the studio today to receive her memorial portrait of Wolfie .

"It looks as though he is looking at me.

So many memories come flooding back when I look at him. Wolfie was my protector, my gentle giant and my best friend while growing up with him. We had a very special bond. I still miss him after 40 years.

That's what I think of when I look at his portrait.

You have really done him justice Sue.

Thank you so very much."


Wolfie passed away back in the 70's but has always been her favourite pet. We created his portrait from a black and white photo with help from others for his colouring.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

As part of " Paws for a Cause" I'll be painting at West Wallsend Neighbourhood Centre next wed 18th January

I'm not on this flyer as I was contacted after they'd been made..
I'll be doing a Pastel Pencil portrait of this cute silky terrier.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wolfie progresses from a B & W photo into a coloured portrait

The reference photo

Here's a followup on the progress of Wolfie. He's actually further along than this so when he is finished and approved I'll post later photos.

Here are some of the photos I used to help me . 

The B & W and small photos are of Wolfie. The coloured one of him is too blurry to create a portrait but I can use it as a guide for his colour. 
The larger coloured photos are reference photos from a another Alsatian commission I created many years ago. I'm using these photo to help me with the details in Wolfie's eyes and jowl but customising the shapes so the portrait looks like Wolfie! 
 I need to remember that their colour is different to Wolfie and make sure I use the smaller photo as the colour guide.

The creation of the underpainting.
 I did the under painting in the studio and then started with the Oil paint at the demonstration.

Below - I've planned the background to best enhance his colour and the overall design / look of the portrait. I want his face to be the star and the rest if his body the supporting act. 
Before I start painting I spend a lot of time  planning your portrait to ensure you the best possible portrait .

 This is where my portraits differ from a straight copy of the photo . How I get impact and life! 
I emphasise the important things and downplay distracting unimportant things. Something a photo can't do!

The finished under painting ready for the demo.

Above -At the demo at Lambton Park.

 The oil paints mixed ready. I'm starting to redefine the dark parts of his eyes and nose. Oil has a much gutsier quality than acrylic so I can really get nice dense darks . This is necessary to give the finished portrait impact , 3D and realism.
I usually paint the eyes of the portrait first  . I always refine them later but even roughly painted they help bring the portrait to life. It also makes it more interesting for people watching.
After some one passing by asked whether his tongue was going to be green I thought I had better get in and roughly finish it! lol's.
 After years of experience I can picture the portrait many steps ahead.. I forget that other people can't!

I've  started roughly blocking in  his coat colour .
The colours are planned so his face comes forward and his body recedes. This gives the portrait a 3D  more lifelike look than the original two dimensional reference photo.

 This is Wolfie at the end of the demo. Not a bad start but I want to define and bring his muzzle forward towards you. I am also going to change the background colour to give the portrait more impact.

 To be continued.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I'll be painting at the Hunter Arts Bazaar at Lambton Park November 27th


I'll have original paintings and cards for sale ( credit and debit crads accepted).
If you've been thinking of having a portrait created bring your photos /phone along and you can talk about your ideas or get some from me.
Art Bazaar has cemented it’s reputation as the event that showcases the Hunter’s creative & vibrant art community that locals & visitors look forward to three times every year. Visitors will also be delighted with the food & music being offered alongside our member's stalls.

Hunter Arts Network’s second Art Bazaar at Lambton Park is being held on Sunday 27 November 2016 from 9am – 3pm. Lambton Park is located on the Corner of Howe & Morehead Sts, Lambton, so Art Bazaar will be surrounded by beautiful parklands & great scenery. Lambton is a densely populated residential area located around some of Newcastle’s main roads making it a convenient suburb for transport. Art Bazaar is also within easy walking distance from many cafes, clubs & pubs including Lambton Park Hotel, Lambton Bowling Club, Coffee Infusion & more.

Art Bazaar has developed into a major art event for the region which now attracts many visitors from out of the area and is the Hunter's premier artisan and design marketplace. Art Bazaar is a great way to show families and visitors how wonderful our creative community is. Recent accolades include Volunteer Grants 2015, 2015 Hunter Local Business Awards Finalist, 2015 Stockland Community Grants Winner & 2014 QantasLink Hunter & Central Coast Awards for Excellence in Tourism Finalist.

HAN is a non-profit membership of artisans from the Hunter who carefully hand pick stallholders to ensure that shoppers have an array of local, handmade, unique, original & quality products, making Art Bazaar an affordable opportunity for both the public & the creative people of Newcastle and the Hunter. Enjoy meeting the artists and designers who have carefully created for the reputable event providing access beyond the boundaries of the gallery.
 Thanks to the Lambton Local for the article below.

My demo painting for Lambton Park on Sunday 27th November will be a memorial portrait of an Alsatian dog in Oil.

Here is the latest better  reference photo and the sketch.

 I did this sketch from the original emailed reference photo which wasn't as sharp and had dark areas that his the shape of his eyes. I used some photos I had of  another similar dog to help me. Now I have a clearer photo of Wolfie I can see his jowls are different  so I'll amend that as I paint.

I'm having the canvas board made and will under paint him next week.
I should get a good start on him next Sunday. Come along and watch.
He'll be a 40 x 50cms custom Framed Oil. 

 Look at the original photo- I've shown the first emailed pic and a scan I have just done from the original photo.The first emailed pic was blurry and too contrasty. The scan I did today is much better!
Now I can see the shape of his jowls etc - the little things that make it Wolfie rather than another dog.This is why sharp photos are so important.

A blurry photo but it shows me his colour.

 Wolfie passed away back in the 70's so most of the photos aren't very sharp but the one we have picked is good and I have other photos of him to show me what colour to make him.

 It's unusual to create a coloured portrait from a B & W photo but the B & W one was the nicest and only sharp one we had.
 Luckily I'm used to painting from B & W . I usually do it at some stage in every portrait. I find if I just copy the coloured photo I end up with a drab and lifeless portrait - like the original photo. Copying from a B & W photo frees me to use many more subtle colours to really bring your portrait to life!  As  long as I pick a colour that's the same shade ( lightness or darkness) it will work.