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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Antonia finished

Here is Antonia finished.

 30 x 40cms image size 
 Custom framed Oil

Antonia hates having her photo taken and didn't really understand what I was doing when we organised her portrait so Peter and I were a bit worried about how she'd react to the portrait.
 When I showed it  her face lit up and she said " I like it ! Can I have it?"
Peter said " It's for your birthday mum".
 I said - "you look great" ( meaning in the portrait and in real life ) and she said " not bad!"
  Peter and I were delighted that she loved her portrait!
Now the family will have  a great heirloom that mum can enjoy and the others remember her by long after she's passed away.

I'll be painting at Warners Bay Sunday 2nd April

I'll be painting as part of the Hunter Arts Bazaar.
 I'll have a play with both of these unfinished Oil demo paintings. 

This border collie was started in 2013.Boy time flies.
I didn't realise it was that long ago!

This one  in 2016.
Come along and see it progress.
If you've been thinking of having a portrait created say hello , have a talk and show me your photos.