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Friday, December 31, 2010

A bit further along ..getting there..

The latest version..it still isn't finished..but I'm happier with how it's going.It looks great close up but loses a bit of zap from a distance.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking at it I've lost the blue/ orange contrast so I'll have to get that back.

An update on mum's portrait

I'm disappointed with it at the moment as its looking boring and lost its zap.I might have to backtrack a few steps. I need to get some darks in .Ill come back to it one day & try & do some confident work on it.It's looking too realistic at the moment.I do that with my commissioned portraits but I don't want it for this one!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's one of my favourites revisited

I used to sailboard with these guys and the yellow board on the right eventually became mine. The person in the waves is based on a photo of me. Oh to be young & fit again! I'd like to go back out in the surf again for old times sake but I think I'd drown if I got 'munched' by a wa...ve! LOL's

What I wanted to capture was the comeraderie after a great sail on a perfect summers day!

Memories of Nobby's

20 x 80cms

Oil on gallery wrap canvas

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I just received this lovely email from John who commissioned me to create the portrait of Oscar

'Oscar is now on the wall in the hall. We had the family over for Christmas and all thought you had captured the essence of Oscar very well. He seems to be smiling at us out of the frame.

Needless to say we are very satisfied clients!'

I'm going to go back and revamp a few paintings for an exhibition later in the month.

Its interesting how you can go back to some older works and improve them with your new knowledge whereas at the time you thought there was no way you could.I think it also helps to have had a long break as then you see them as someone else would .You can see them as a whole rather than just seeing the little annoying bit that you weren't happy with at the time but now realise wasn't really important anyhow

Sunday, December 26, 2010

An update on mum's portrait.

 It hangs together better now.I'm going to try & zap up the colour a little somehow plus correct the features and define some bits a bit more.Maybe add some more darks..mainly just going on instinct.I can see a few problems that need fixing but I'm not worried as I know they will be fixed as I go along.

My main worry is that I don't want it to be boring....it's not that large by Archibald standards so I want it to be a bit different .It needs to catch the judges eye

Zeuss says Merry Xmas!

This is about as fat as he gets thank goodness as we have 3 ' deep clover and grass at the moment1

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you have a great day & Santa brings what you wanted and then you get to have a nice break!

For those of you that are presenting a portrait tomorrow I'll be thinking of you! If you are into taking photos at present opening times I'd love to see the look on your partners face when they get them!

I probably won't be doing a lot of painting for a while but if I get anymore of mum's portrait done I'll post it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here's one to show the size

This was the earlier version before I changed the pose.
on the easel

Just been on a roll and done more of mum's portrait..its turned the corner thank goodness!

Just been on a roll and done mum's portrait. I decided to change the pose a bit.I know where I'm going now.I've still got to change the colour of her clothes to bugundy and that will make a big difference.Also adjust the background colours a bit and continue to refine & restate her features to get a bit of zap back in.
 Idecided to change the pose as she wasn't looking at you and I liked this other pose where you get a bit of an impish little girl look and she is looking at you so it is more personal. The right eye is bigger than the left at the moment ..I'll even them out as I go along plus I think she needs darker areas in her hair and shaded side of the face.Whenever I go past I notice things and write a list of " to dos" for when I get back to it..It's harder to see errors in a large work as the detail gets in the way and you can't get far enough back to see the overall effect in the studio.The best thing I do is take a photo and then I can easily see in a smaller version what needs fixing. This method is especially helpful if you are painting a mural which is really large!

Mum's portrait is annoying me..

I think I'll change the background colour a bit plus I'll change her clothes to a burgundy .I also need to correct the likeness a little and refine it a bit hopefully without killing the freshness.I'll play around with it on the computer first so I know where I'm going and I can confidently approach the painting.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My latest session on Mum's portrait

Well I ended up not using the light & just using the available day light. I enjoyed the 2.30hr session and was pretty happy with what I'd done until I got it home..I can see it has a few problems and needs more work ..

I need to correct a few areas and integrate everything.

It's getting there though.The problem will be to finish it off without 'killing it'and making it boring. So no Bill I won't be refining it a lot.I want it colourful , fresh and spontaneuos not finished off to death ..I want it to be a bit different.
I can see the mouth needs to be raised a bit ..argh!! I hate it when you get to this stage and big changes need to be made..sigh Plus I have a big list of other things that need doing.
 Her clothes have more red / brown tinges through them my camera tends to make all the blues fluoro.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ok . Here's the grape painting.I could keep fiddling forever but I'll do a few more up to the earlier stages I liked.

Showing how I paint around the edges so it displays nicely on the wall.

Grape 1

Mixed media on gallery wrap canvas
20 x 25cms

For sale


Friday, December 17, 2010

I just found a golf ball in Zeuss's feed tin! ?????The nearest neighbour is 1/2km away..??? Maybe we should worry about our windows and the livestock..?

An update of the painting I showed earlier..

I was happy with it until I compared this stage with some earlier photos I took..I think I might have to go back a few stages and change the colour to how it was.

 I think I know where to go I might put it in a photoediting program & play around & work things out there rather than paint and rub out on the painting..

Not today I've got a headache so I think I'll go out & attack the triffid like vegetation that's trying to block the driveway..

I just realised how many people are going to be thrilled to receive a portrait of mine this Xmas

..I'd like to be a fly on the wall! All the talk about hiding it away from the tree so they don't gel to what it might be . Only one last one to be delivered and it's the biggest! The house will look very bare soon as the large one has been filling the wall in the lounge and I just delivered most of my landscapes to a venue..I'll have to paint more won't I?

It's silly I'm an artist and could paint some beautiful Australiana or stockman scenes to fill my walls & replace those fading prints ( thats the problem with prints unlike originals  they fade..) but I always find excuses not to..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here's the latest painting Ive started

I won't tell you what its going to be..( not that its that hard to tell LOL's ) I'm hoping to let it take control a bit and be a bit more contemporary but we'll have to see if I can let that happen!

Heres the sketch.

Now  bit more..Im still not 100% clear on where I'm going with it which is unusual for me but I might try & let it happen for once..

Monday, December 13, 2010

Here's one of my favourite landscapes

For Sale
Cooling Off
40 x 76cms framed

This was the view painted from the middle dam at our property.I used a little artistic liberty and altered things a bit.Here are some photos of me painting this one.The white blob at the left in one is Zeuss my horse. he wandered over and started to eat the rubber off my windscreen wipers so I had to chase him away ( which was hard as he's friendly..) LOL's I had some photos I took of him doing it but I can't find where I put them on the computer..grr

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Aah! The joys of nature..

I gave my partner a scare today..We were kayaking on a river and I suddenly screamed..A mullet had jumped into the crook of my arm and wedged itself between my arm and body..I must have moved my elbow as it fell out again..I don't know who got the biggest shock the fish or me!

We had been watching heaps of them jumping and joking about one getting us.Generally one would do several jumps in a row but this one just did the one..It probably won't do that again!

Friday, December 10, 2010

At a loose end..

Just sent off the last portrait to see if any changes are required. Starting on a painting to give to a gallery to replace some I just sold..Cripes I don't know where to start.I can use whatever colours I want & any combination or idea...So keen to get into it I'm not planning very much which usually means a U turn & some swearing half way through.

View out the back door most days..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here's my latest dog commission - Oscar

 30 x 40cms
Framed Oil
'Oh wow, isn't that great!'
We had a lot of trouble getting flattering photos of Oscar as he HATED the camera and would slink off..we got a lot of bum shots! LOL's It was worth the effort to get a nice photo though as you can see from the portrait.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not a good day

..I finished my commissions as much as I could and then decided to reward myself  by going sailboarding..I'm recovering from bruised ribs and a sore shin & knee from my last sail 2 weeks ago but I thought I'd give it a go.After 1hr + drive I got to the lake & rigged up.The conditions are ideal a nice 20kt + wind blowing and my friends are out ripping along..then I look at the mast and its bent like a banana..ARGH!!  Without a mast you can't sail and to replace it is from $600- $1000...I've put the word out for Xmas to hopefully get some help to get a cheapie..grr . At least Z's rug only cost $10 to get fixed..maybe I should take up knitting..

So much for the sleep in !

I was awake from 11pm to 3am last night so I went out to the studio ( one of the advantages of working from home ) . I wanted to catch up this morning but was woken by my partner at 6.30am " the horse is standing with his rug dangling " ..bugger..
 I looked out and half way down the 25acre paddock he's cavorting around trying to move..I yelled out as usually that makes him stop whatever he's doing and look and wait.. Nope.. he wanted it off even if it destroyed him & the rug!
 I went down and he was lunging into the air . The rug was draped around his neck & shoulder with the body uncovered. I was a bit nervous at getting close to him as he was freaking out but talked calmly & went to pat him on the face. Unfortunately my fingernail got him ( ?) & he spooked back..Luckily I got his confidence & went to rescue him. The rug was still done up with the chest strap and somehow he'd got one leg out of it so the rug was now strangling him around the wither & over the shoulder & preventing him moving..He's pretty smart and I noticed in the short time it took me to go down to him he'd learnt that if he sidepassed to the left the rug would drag and he could make some progress..LOL's
I was worried he'd freak as I undid it as I had to pull it even tighter to get the buckle undone but it all went ok..He was so grateful! I've done 'horse whispering' with him and he'll follow me around like a dog anyway but I have a cue I give ( a clucking  noise) that lets him know he's now free to go off and not follow anymore. Didnt work this am he followed me diligently all the way up the hill and even sidepassed away as asked when I motioned that he was getting too close..
The rug isnt very happy..I'm putting it in for repairs soon.In a bit worried about the spare one I've put on him as it has a dodgy back clip and if that gives way we could have a rerun..If so hopefully he won't freak as much. I wonder how long he'd been stuck like that?

Bareback reining video - great relationship between horse & rider

horseriding bareback reining video click here
Years ago I was going to train Zuess in liberty work ( riding no saddle or bridle ) as we were already doing liberty groundwork ( not ridden ) but he had an 'eek! " spot .If you used your legs firmly or he stumbled and you grabbed or even if you accidently let your toe dig in a bit when you were mounting he'd think you were out to get him & do a bronc act. I didnt fancy being on a bucking horse bareback with no reins! LOL's

Since we've been doing dressage he now realises legs mean do something not freak out!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here is the article the Mercury published.

Artist unveils Archibald Prize contender


01 Dec, 2010 08:09 AM

At the rear of Betty Linton’s home, in a room adorned with porcelain dolls and surrounded with intricate tapestries, a masterpiece is underway.

Although still in its infancy, Sue Linton’s painting of her mother and OAM recipient is taking shape.

In time, the blue-hued work will make its way to judging for the 2011 Archibald Prize.

But at the moment there’s much to do and Ms Linton is grappling with what her subject will think.

“I don’t know if mum’s going to like it,” Ms Linton, of Quorrobolong, said.

“They say that painting someone you know is more difficult than painting strangers and I think that’s true.”

In her role as an artist Ms Linton, 50, has painted everything from much-loved pets to luscious landscapes and, more publicly, one of the large-scale murals of the Kurri Kurri district.

But painting her mother, well, that’s a different story.

“There are certain aspects of mum that I want to come out in the painting. To someone else mum might come across as a hard person, but to me she is a soft, old-fashioned person and I want that to come out in the portrait.”

For her part Mrs Linton, 80, of Wangi Wangi, said she will be honest but kind in her appraisal of the painting.

“I will have to make allowance for the fact that she is my child, and I’ll have to be as kind as possible but I will be honest,” she said.

“However, I’ll be 81 very soon so I’m just lucky that I’m still alive to be a part of this.”

Follow Ms Linton’s progress at http://suelintonartist.blogspot.c om/

They don't stay blue!

For those of you that haven't seen this one before..This is another African woman model that I painted at portraits but decided to finish off more at home.This is the blue underpainting .
Now Im starting to add colour in Oil.This is about where I had the portrait of mum when the paper took the photos.

This is where I finished in the 2.30hr session from the model.
As this portrait was just for me and not a commission I could stop at whatever stage I want to.I could have easily left it like this.

I was inspired to keep painting as Edith had a lovely serene nature that I wanted to capture in the portrait.This is the finished portrait after more hours at home from the reference photos.
 The latest portrait model " Valerie" ( earlier post)  has a similar serene aristocratic nature but I won't continue with her portrait.I'm happy to have succeeded in getting some zap in the colours and a likeness..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Here is a link to the article that was in the Maitland mercury last week

I found the article in the Maitland Mercury.I'm amazed at how she managed to get a decent photo from that angle but it is good! Click on the link below..She must also have a photographic memory because she didn't take many notes but quoted us very accurately.Well done!

click here to read the article

portraits again

Another portrait 'class' ( no teacher ..experiment and teach yourself). We had a gorgeous black Zambezi model.. her nature is as lovely as she looks..Everyone was very quiet today.I think they were intimidated by her beauty and trying to capture it. Although Valerie ( the model) liked my portrait of her and said it looked like her I was a bit disappointed.. 2.30hrs isn't long enough to really get a good enough result if you wanted to finish it off a bit more.Still I am happy with the glow I got with the colours..

Also when she came closer I could see another reason. I am set up about 20 ' away from her and I just can't see well enough to do her justice. When she came up close I could see all these gorgeous greens and yellows in her flesh but at a distance she just looks black / brown..Unfortunately due to space constraints you can't set up your easel any closer..oh well at least it stops me from getting bogged down in detail!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Finishing for the day & horsey tales

I think I've had it for the day.. been painting the Staffy and not going anywhere + I have a headache..I didn't get much sleep last night so think Ill go & do my chiro exercises to try & get rid of the headache and have a rest.
Rode Zeuss this am around the arena. I was a bit worried getting him ready as he was spooky about something down the paddock and I haven't ridden him for over a week.He went great though.
I decided to ride him around the paddock so I could look for the missing flyveil. It would be easier to find from above.I wasn't paying as much attention to him as a result. All the roos started to hop off away from us in flight mode and then something moved. Zeuss had already tuned into the mood of the roos & swerved violently & took off. He felt like he was going to buck but didn't. Lucky I can stick on when he does that but it woke me up and gave me a bit of a scare.I had him on a really loose rein which didn't help..

Reminds me of a ride a few years ago. I've done a lot of natural horsemanship stuff with him & used to ride in a rope halter all the time.The first time Adam Sutton rode him he was really impressed & said ' wow ! If he's this good in a halter whats he going to be like in a bridle! ' ( lousy which is one of the reasons I had Adam retrain him).
Anyway I had been doing dressage with a bridle for quite a while but decided to go for a ride in the halter for old times sake. I was going down a bushtrail on a loose rein and I noticed a bloated dead cow on the trail ahead..I wasn't worried as I didnt think Z would worry..he's generally pretty good. He saw it & whipped around & galloped off for 100m before I could gather up the reins and get things under control! The issue wasn't so much the halter but that I had the reins in loops.Lucky I can stick on in those situations I just don't stick when he bucks!
Zeuss & I doing groundwork 2003

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A last minute portrait space is available..

If you've been looking for that gift for someone that's got everything I've had one of my Xmas portaits postponed so I now have space for a smaller portrait..Contact me through my webisite or let me know here and I'll give you an email.Photo's would need to be organised soon!

More on the live export 'trade' on 7.30 report ABC1 tonight Dec 2nd if you can handle watching it..

That's why I like my ' work' I'm immortalising good memories and making people happy..so I suppose in a small way I am making the world better..?? We don't kill anything on our property.I suppose it's an unofficial wildlife refuge ( the bludging roos certainly think so).We dont even use weedkillers on the lawn because ...ducks & roos graze on it..Hence the lovely green in spring is 99% bindies!

Its easier to keep your head buried in the sand

I dont like hearing about stuff like this as it makes me feel so helpless..Live sheep export to the middle east for sacrifice - animal cruelty


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

more wildlife stories..

We have several groups of grey headed babblers on the property.. they are lovely birds.They live in groups of about 12 in the one hanging nest and forage together hopping around the ground and up tree trunks warbling away talking to each other.They have been getting closer to the house lately & when I went in a little while ago they were really noisy. I followed the sound and they were all sheltering on a chair on the verandah! They aren't dumb! Unfortunately they aren't that tame & flew out into the rain as I looked..
 Cactus used to hate the rain ( hence the name) and make a beeline for the verandah when it started..

Its been raining all day today

I went to check the rainguage today and a kangaroo started to come up to me..(??)..Ah ..it's Josephine! We used to have a 'pet' roo called Cactus.She used to roam free but spend a lot of time on the backdoor mat and you'd have to step over her to get in the house.If you let her she'd come inside.Apparently she was a rescued joey that had been purt back into the wild but decided she preferred people.The neighbours said she used to sleep on one of their beds.. Anyway she was around for about 4 years and popped out several generations of joeys until she was chased by some feral dogs & got injured and we had to put her down. We cried for a week as she was our child substitute..
 Anyway Josephine was her weaned joey ( half grown out of the pouch but still hanging around mum). She isn't as tame as Cactus but she'll come up for a biscuit when you call.We used to be bale to spot her easily but now all the roos are pretty tame & don't hop off..mind you none of the rest come up to be fed..
When she started to eat the bicci Zeuss started up the paddock to get his share..Poor Josephine started to tremble and hopped off so Z got the bics...bully..

Mums portrait is annoying me..

I'm not going to do anything until I can go back out and paint from mum but the flesh highlights look too pasty..I think the fact that I haven't done the eyse & mouth are probably not helping + maybe I need to change the background colour and break up the highlights a bit with other colours..I'll sit on it & jot down any thoughts I have over the next few weeks..Sometimes they look bad just because thats a stage they are going through.You shouldn't really judge them until all areas are worked on equally..i.e - eyes & mouth are done.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Next sitting I'll detail her eyes & mouth and refine the colours ( hopefully without making it boring) + do her hair and clothes.Then the final touches and hopefully the twinkle in her eyes!

I want the entry to be a bit 'out there' as its not really likely a tradtional one will be accepted!

I'm going to have fun with this one.Luckily mum is content to let me play . I won't finish it off a much as my commissioned work..This ones for me!

Latest sitting with mum for the Archibald entry

I went out today and did another sitting with mum..I forgot how cramped it is out there! I should have had mum take a photo of me and the easel carmped up against the open loo . I'd walk back into the loo to try and get a bit further away from the portrait to check it. Its easier to see errors from a distance as you don't get bogged down in details..
 I knew the paper was coming to take photos and do a story and I knew the portrait would look worse before it got better so I fussed around on unimportrant things like the background and clothes until they had been. I should have done some more earlier as it actually looked better as I went.
I got on a roll and was pretty happy with how it was going. Here is a photo of how it looked..
I leave the eyes & mouth till last.I like the blue colour so I'll try to let little bits show through in the finished portrait.Long way to go yet but a good start..until..@##! this is what it looked when I got it out into normal light!
The light in the backroom had a yellow caste to it  so the lovely ornanges I thought I was getting weren't there when I took it out into daylight..Grr ! Now I'll have to redo it to get back to where I thought I had it..Next time I paint in that room Ill have to overcompensate and make it garishly orange so when i get it out it will be ok.
This is what Ive done to it since I got home..Its not as good as it would have been if I'd completed it as I thought I had in ok light but its good enough to go on with when I next get a chance.
I want the final portrait to be colourful and alive with many colours subtly vibrating..no pasty pinks etc..I probably won't get a chance to do another sitting now until after Xmas as I have to complete my Xmas commissioned portraits.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I never have my camera when I need it!

Zeuss was lying snoozing surrounded by all his snoozing roo mates this am .. so cute! He's very chummy with the mostly except when he decides to play boss horse and scatter them.. they know the difference!

Needle in a haystack..

Zeuss lost his flyveil ( actually 2 ) out in the paddock . As anyone who has tried to find one in 25acres + of 2 ' high clover its not easy! I found one but not the other ( better one of course). He ripped his white summer combo rug in half about 5 years ago & I've still never managed to find the other half .. I swear he must have eaten it!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sorry no landscapes lately.

I'm busy doing secret Xmas commissions so the main thing I have to post are my portrait experiments.  a

Remember I can be commissioned to paint landscapes too. So if you have a favourite place , australia or overseas all I need is a sharp photo and a for you to tell me a bit about the place and why you like it.

Here I've selected a photo that I feel is more flattering and done the likeness from the photo

I left her hair as it was from the previous painting session from life as she had just been to the hairdressers in the latest photos and her hair looked a bit harsh.
I could make the lights on the face lighter but its good enough to use as an underpainting.I'll start putting the colours in Oil over the base when we have the session with the paper on Tuesday.I don't know how they are going to get a decent photo of what I am painting as I will be squashed up halway into the loo to get at the right angle..LOL's It will go through some ugly stages before it is done and I probably won't finish it until after Xmas as I will be working on my secret Xmas commissions..I wish I hadn't booked next Tuesday for the paper as I can't really afford the time away from painting my commissioned work ! Argh!

Update on Mum's portrait for the Archibald entry

Here's an update on my Archibald entry portrait of mum.I'll include the earlier version + the latest. Below is the first attempt..

I usually take a lot of time to get the proportions correct when I am at this stage in a portrait..But it was mum wasn't it? It should just ooze out onto the paper..durr..WRONG..I ran out of time which is why the eyes & mouth are a bit harsh but I was trying to work from feel and several remembered angles.
 She is quite a gentle old fashioned lady & this was way too harsh..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Those rotten roos!

Boy the roos are going off! They are breeding at the moment and the males are grunting & fighting and bashing under the verandah trying to get at the poor female who is hiding there..the whole house shook one time! They dont usually hurt the garden but they are fighting amongst the plants & my cycad which takes years to grow one leaf has had several ripped off..Not impressed..If they dont watch out they'll be bleeding kangaroo steaks!

At the end of the 2.30hr session

I'm not doing anymore to it.It has a rawness I like.If it was a commission I'd tone down a few marks and make it more flattering.You never get a flattering portrait from a model as its really hard to sit totally still for 20mins at a time.We have a break every 20mins for a few minutes and then they go back into the pose..By the end of it they all look haggard and we can only paint what is there! You can't get them to smile and stick a grin on them as when you smile the whole face shape changes so if you just stick a grin on it won't look natural + you won't get a likeness! Believe me I tried it once with a public 20min sketch & it didn't work!The first time I didnt get a decent likeness so I learnt quickly.
As a compronmise you can get a nice smiling photo and then once you have the face shape use a model for the colour etc..

More uglies

Ugly stage

They all go through an ugly stage ( which is 'interesting ' when you are painting in public!) LOL's. I've learnt not to worry & keep going & eventually they come good. Some go through several ugly stages.I remember a mural I did which took 103hrs to paint & it was ugly until the last 20hrs! I didnt do the top bit till ...last as it needed scaffolding..I could tell no one liked it as nobody said anything until it came good & then they liked it..

I liked it at this stage & was tempted to leave it but the 'show must go on'..

Ok here are the stages of the portrait I posted a little while ago..general face structure..

Ive got around to framing Zeuss & I .

Have a low stress Christmas. Some unique gifts delivered to your door!

 See more by clicking this link to see  my email

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Newspaper is booked to come & do an article on me painting mum's portrait for the Archibald art prize.

Looks like I'll be booked up for another sitting with mum the week from the 28th Nov. The paper wants to be there and do a story.I'll redo her underpainting at the horse event on Sunday ( weather permitting). So if you see me painting a blue portrait don't freak as it won't stay blue! I'll have to put a sign up LOL's

I just hope I have a good day and the painting is worth taking a photo of! LOL's..I'd really prefer to have a fair bit of it done as they don't come together until right at the end but anyway..hopefully people will look at my website and realise  my finished portraits don't look like that!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Here is what Lisa said about the portrait I did Ha Ha !

 That is really cute! You really captured his personality! Love it!

My latest experimental 2.30 portrait from life

Here's my latest experimental portrait from our fortnightly portrait sittings..This ia where I get to experiment with colour ect and train my eye to 'see' which really helps me to paint realistic 3 D portraits from your photos.Don't worry my commissioned portraits are much more traditional than these.. unless you want ...a colourful contemporary one!

We only get 2hrs to paint so these works aren't as finished as commissions but I like that as I feel they often are fresher & capture something of the sitter.I rarely finish them off any more after I get home.. What I get done in the sitting is it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gift certificates available for Xmas

I have gift certificates available for Xmas or other special occasions.They can be made out for a portrait of any size or a particular painting.

Ha Ha! Cards available here

Click on the arrow near the add to cart button for an option of 5 or 10.
Large hand made Blank cards from the original Oil painting - size approx 15 x 21cms
Each cards come in  a protective plastic sleeve see below


Only a few places left for Xmas commissions so order soon!

I have 1 maybe 2 spots depending on size left for Xmas commissions so if you are thinking of a portrait for a special gift you need to order soon.You can email me through my website.
contact me

After something different to send to friends this xmas?

I have largeblank cards made from my original artworks for sale on my website at the link below.You'll know they won't get a card like these from anywhere else!
While your there you can have a look at my original artworks that are for sale.
I''ll be adding new cards as I get a chance so check in occasionally.
Sue Linton Cards for Sale - click here

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something a bit different!

For Sale
Ha ha .. That's a good one ..!!
35 x 46cms
Oil on deep edged canvas
 hang as is