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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The torso

I've been commissioned to paint a large colourful torso for a chiropractor. 

I was a bit nervous at first as it was so large I can't fit it on my easel at home and it's a bit different from what I usually do.
 I'm converted now! I'm taking it to the art society rooms where I have the room to paint it and I'm loving working large. It looks super impressive.
 Actually if I had the time I'd love to do a series of them and have an exhibition.
If you are have a health related practise some of these would look stunning in your room! I can create them in any colour - reddish tones, brown etc.

Above -The first thing I did was do a small version from a model to get an idea of what colours to put in the finished painting.
The final colours may vary slightly but it gives me something to aim for.
 This one isn't as correct as the large version will be.
 The model who we were going to paint dropped out and we had a standin who had a different build. I had a photo from the client that I am using for lighting and the original model had ribs whereas our standin didn't. I was using half photo half model to paint this. Also it is a really difficult pose to hold for 2.30hrs even with short rests and we felt sorry for him and let him drop his arm halfway which affected the position of his head. I didn't worry too much as this is mainly for colour rather than anatomy and I could be more accurate in the large one.

 The first painting session. I am really happy with his face- it's a pity it will be covered as we go along! I do the underpainting as an accurate guide for the positioning of the colours over the top.

This gives you an idea of the size of it.

 The finished underpainting. If it was to be left as is I'd tidy up a few little things but its' good enough to put Oil over. Pity as I like it as it is!

Friday, May 23, 2014

I'll be painting at Salt Ash this Sunday 25th May- Alexander Park dressage day

Come and watch me paint . If you have been thinking of having me create a portrait come along and have a talk. Bring your photos and we can discuss your ideas.
 I will be painting a portrait of Kathryn Croft on Snapdragon. This painting is not a commissioned portrait so I can do whatever I want! I want the painting to be colourful and capture the connection they have. I'm using a professional photo that I have bought as the reference but getting rid of all the distracting background and bits and pieces.

 Here's what I've done so far..I've cropped the photo. I was feeling pretty good about coming up the cropped image and then I realised it's the same as Kathryn's FB profile pic! Great minds think alike..lol's

 The sketch

 Some possible ideas although I am already thinking of changing the colour and placement of the background..

Here I've started on the acrylic underpainting - I usually use the opposite colour in this to what I will finish up with. Leaving little bits peaking through the final Oil layers give the painting extra zing.
 I wanted a reasonably large painting so Kathryn's face would be a decent size- it's harder to get a decent likeness or feeling in a small face. The A4 size reference photo is at the top RHS.

A bit further along and I am starting to put the Oil colour over the acrylic.I've painted the darker areas of Snap's coat. 
With Oil paint you must paint from the darkest areas and colours then the middle tones and then the lightest colours. 
If you paint light colours and then try to darken them the paint just mixes and goes muddy.
You still need a careful technique going from dark to lighter but you get a more natural look. Acrylic paint dries quickly so you put whatever colour you want wherever but Oils need to be carefully planned to keep the colours fresh.
 I've actually now roughly painted Snap + Kathryn's clothes..
 To be continued Sunday!


A dog portrait of a Labrador dog

                   30 x 40cms image
                       Custom  Framed Oil

‘ The portrait went great Sue.
You have a gift. Thanks again it’s been a pleasure.’

A custom framed dog portrait
The framed portrait

Patti was organised as a secret gift.
Patti is getting on and Steve thought a portrait would be a great way of immortalising him.