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Friday, July 30, 2010

Heres a photo of the large horse commission I am doing

This was taken a while ago it is more advanced than this now.I am using about 12 different reference photos for this one for braiding , saddlery , legs of the lady ( they were obscured in the original photo) + her face etc.The painting is a bit distorted in this pic as I had to take the photo at a bit of an angle to minimise glare. I have now done the saddlery but I haven't done her face yet.
This is a large Oil 75 x 85cms.

Wow painting is a buzz!

I'm getting an adrenaline buzz from painting..wow..I usually have to go sailboarding for that.Im doing a big painting and I love it when you can just suggest detail & it looks realler than if you did every mark!Looking forward to posting pics.Better keep going while I'm on a roll.Ive got to prepare a demo painting for the weekend too..
Ive just spent 4hrs chasing my tail trying to fix a fault with blogger ..@##! Blogs are great when they work. Still a few problems but at least things work.Back to work on the large horse commission I am doing.Its looking pretty spectacular and its only 70% done! I'd love to post some pics but I prefer to wait until after my client has ok'd everything and then post some progressive pics. Keep posted!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maybe I'll paint my horse for once

I need another idea for a demo this weekend and I've decided that I'll do that painting of my horse Zeuss and I that I've been thinking about for years. Hes' 18 now so I'd like to have one to remember us in our prime.I've been playing around with dressage for years and get my partner to take photo's regularly to chart our progress and to try & get that perfect shot ..but we never do.So..I've decided I'll do the perfect painting! I'll slim me down , fix Zeuss's head carriage and generally paint us the way I'd like us to be..( who'll know..don't tell anyone..).
I'd also like to be quite radical colourwise etc.More contemporary but I usually whimp and go traditional especially as I'll have people watching who won't understand why it looks so weird.I'll have to just dig my heels in & explain what I'm doing. You never know people might really like a radical version and want one of themselves..
I've dobbed myself in now..can't back out now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I worked out how to set the time.I only ever work out about 10% of what can be done on the internet.Imagine if you could really use all the features!
I just fed my horse Zeuss.It's been raining all day and he was standing looking very wet & soggy ( even though he's rugged). He usually whinnies for his tea but he was VERY vocal tonight going up and down the scales! Poor thing that little icecream container of food is the highlight of his day.I wish I had a microphone it was so cute.
I wonder how you set the time to Australian time? Anyone know how?
Whoops..sorry still don't know what I am doing yet.Looks like the rain has set in here.I'm enjoying setting up my blog but I better get back into the large horsey commission that is on the easel.I can't believe it's 3pm already!. I've always had a job where you watch the clock waiting for knockoff time.It's weird to love what you do so much that the days just fly.

I'm transferring some posts across from my Facebook pages so there will be something for you to look at!

I'm transferring some posts across from my Facebook pages so there will be something for you to look at!
For Sale
Power and Grace
59 x 59cms Oil
$2350 + postage

My aim for " Power & Grace " was to have the front of the horse to come forward and the rear to fade off + the rider to be secondary.I wanted the focus to be on the expression of the horse & carriage.I may have to tone the riders colour down a bit as I think she is taking too much attention and stopping the effect I want.As it isn't a commission I have been selective in what I have done.
Typical woman ..changed my mind again..(I'm joking.. Im not into stereotypes).I think I'm over the hump.The background is still a bit too blueish but I will fix that and I know where I'm going now and it's starting to get the impact I was after.
Ok. Getting there.I've got to cover the saddle cloth and then all of it is covered.Then comes the refining and highlighting.
Heres the latest.I'm getting bogged down so time to move onto something else for a while and come back with fresh eyes.
About now I decided that the painting was a bit boring and was lacking the oomph I wanted so I started to experiment with the background colour.. I'm still experimenting although I have an idea in my head that I think will work.It's funny as I've found the background to be the hardest part of this painting!
Think Im on the right track now but I'll have it more subtle in the end.. it needs to dry a bit before I can work into it more.

Power & Grace cont.

I am changing the position of his hind legs.I had deliberately exaggerated the action but decided as a dressage horse he should have his legs more underneath ' be uphill' more.

Power & Grace

Here are some progressive photos of a large horse painting I did a while ago. It must take the record for the most times I've changed the background colour on a painting! I did this one just for me.I don't have many samples of my artwork to show people as my portraits go straight to clients so this is one I did as a sample work.Bear with me there will be a few entries! I started out doing the painting as a demonstration painting.

My latest demonstration painting

This is a 25 x 30cm Oil portrait I did as a demonstration painting at a horse event. Kaludah Renoir was a promising 7 year old but tragically recently died of an obstruction in his intestine.I loved his expression and wanted to capture it.He has a kind eye and looks like the kind of horse who would turn himself inside out to please you.