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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memorial portraits - one from the archives - Missey & Tilley

 Missey and Tilley
 20 x 30cms
 Framed pastel pencil
I'm painting a  memorial portrait of a young boy . In my years of creating memorial portraits people have told me that being involved in organising the portrait has helped them with their grief.
Someone once said that I must find it it sad doing memorial portraits.
I find it very rewarding that I can help someone come to terms with their loss.Having the portrait to look forward to gives them something positive to brighten up their life in those hard times.
Of course once they have their portrait ..
'Everytime we look at the portrait it brings back great memories of the times we had with Missey & Tilley '
Sue D

I combined the best photo of each dog to come up with this portrait.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A secret gift- Boris

 18 x 24cms image
Framed Pastel sketch special

Alison had me paint Boris as a secret gift and he was presented a few days ago. Boris has been around all of Jade's life and he is getting on so Alison thought a portrait would be a great way for her to remember him when he's gone.

'Last night was the presentation of your wonderful work. Jade is totally amazed - so are her mum and dad. The portrait is a real treasure for that family and will hang in a place of pride. Andrew said 'Jade that's the kind of work you will have till you're my age' her reply was -'more likely Grandma's age'! Thank you for your talent and obvious love of the work. "
'Thank you so much for that lovely piece of art work that you did for me. It was amazing and so realistic and colourful and so detailed and we will find the perfect place to hang it up. Thank you so much. It is perfect. ' From Jade.
 Alison told me she had second thoughts when she booked in but told me when she received the portrait..
"‘I’m so glad I had the portrait done. Don’t walk away and say ‘No you don’t need that!’.
I’m glad not only for myself but knowing someone else will treasure the portrait long after Boris is gone!’

Monday, March 18, 2013

A lovely afternoon in Autumn

I looked out of the front window and had to take some photos!I counted 86 roos ( we have more but that was just in this group). Our semi tame ducks that we feed were there as was Zeuss and he lighting was lovely.The grass is so long that if the roos are lying down you can hardly see them.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Quirky colourful affordable portraits!

You can now have a quirky , colourful Oil portrait of your pet on a 20 x 20cms canvas ready to hang!

Very affordable a generic quirky portrait is $110 including postage Australia wide
A guaranteed likeness is $310 including postage Australia wide
All you need do is email through your favourite photos and I can tell you if they are suitable. Start taking some quirky photos now!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Some small cute dog Oils I've just created

I have created these to sell at the Autumn art Bazaar this Sunday at Booragul but they are for sale now . Move quickly as they may not be around after Sunday!
 They are all 20 x 20cms Oil on canvas's $100

For sale 
' Happy'
20 x 20cms canvas

For sale 
'What do you want?'
20 x 20cms canvas


' Hello..?'
20 x 20cms canvas

' What's this?'
20 x 20cms canvas