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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The rain seems to have prompted a breeding frenzy with the roos!

Some females know that if they get under the front verandah it is too low for the males to follow so they get a bit of a break away from them.Meanwhile the males hang around outside ( up to 1 dozen) and the dominant male grunts and chases the others if they get a bit keen and come to close.When the female breaks out into the open and hops off all the males follow her in a line as she bounds around the paddock.The dominant one courts her when ever she stops until she eventually gives in and lets him have his way.
 Here's some photos of this process.
Some of the boys.. She is under the front of the house out to the left of the photo.
More of the soggy boys..there were heaps of them!
More soggy roos -The rain hasn't cooled their interest! LOL's
Asserting his dominance!

 Ok you win!
The house dam is nicely full after the rain.

General view

Some of them around the housedam.

She's left and the males start to follow

Here she is down the paddock with suitors following..Wouldn't you like to  be this popular..not! LOL's That's only half of them!

I love flood rain!

It's been raining heavily on & off for the last day.We've had 83mm so far ( over 3 ") and set to hang around.Lucky I rode Zeuss a few days ago as the arena is a swimming pool! Our newly regravelled drive is holding up well.2 out of 3 dams are full and our 'big dam ' is half but the creeks are running so its filling slowly.We have seasonal creeks on our place which means they only run in 'flood ' type rains..We live on top of a slight hill so the rain doesn't worry us much although it's soggy at the moment and the rotten male roos have decided to chase a female in heat and fight over her so they have dug up our 'lawn' - grr.
Heres are some pics I just took. Zeuss..not happy Jan

The view outside the studio

View looking out my studio window.. 

The female is under the front verandah and this is one of the males hangin g around.

Here's another one I did yesterday - unfinished

I quite like this one and I'm almost tempted to finish it off but I better catch up on art stuff as I've been away from the studio a lot lately.

 30 x 40cms
Unfinished 2.30hr Oil from a model

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My latest portrait from life - unfinished

Here's my latest portrait done at the portrait group mentioned in the Hunter lifestyle magazine article .Once again it is unfinished. If I was to finish it I'd probably add a bit more orange / red to the LHS of her face , especially her LH forehead, refine things a bit and darken her shirt.


30 x 40cms


Friday, May 20, 2011

Why do things always happen when you don't have the time to deal with them!?

I don't think I'm destined to go this weekend..I ordered a canvas made to paint on and it came back inside out so now I have to spend an hour priming it etc before I can draw the dogs on it. Now the screws on my roof racks have stripped so the rack is unsafe and somehow I have to find room inside for lattice and supports.If you've seen my car packed ready to go you'd realise that it not going to be easy..Argh! much hair pulling..better get back and see whether the canvas is ready for another coat yet.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Myall lakes kayak trip

My partner & I went kayaking on Myall Lakes on the mid north coast NSW yesterday. After we left the launching spot we had the place all to ourselves.The only sound was the sounds of bird life and the booming of distant surf. It was lovely!

This is probably 1/3rd of the way across and 6-8' deep but you can still see the weed underneath.
The water was very cold.You wouldn't want to fall in but it was very clear. It was weird being halfway across the lake and you could see the weed on the bottom ..probably 12 foot below.It was a sunny day but cool with a light wind.

View from Shelley beach

Going across to the islands in the middle
Two of the islands which were too rocky to land on
We had lunch on an isolated island .With lunch came the only downside of the day..The @## army decided to have a jet dog fight over the lakes .It was deafening for about 30mins..NOT impressed.Why can't they go out to sea where they won't affect anyone.It also grates that there are so few areas where you can get away from the hustle and bustle and yet they have this sort of activity that wrecks the ambience of national parks.

At least the rest of the day was peaceful ( other than when I was distracted looking for a distant jet I could hear & grounded on a large rock sticking out of the deep water..ouch..luckily only a few deep scratches on the underside of the kayak..)

Almost back 

 It was beautiful at the end with hundreds of black swans all honking around us.
I was aching at the end but I was quite happy with myself as it was 17.5kms and I haven't paddled for 3 weeks.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Portrait of Bridie


20 x 25cm

framed Oil

Robyn said she could never capture Bridie in a photo so she decided a painting would do it better. Bridie is geting on a bit she's 12 now and been diabetic since she was young.She's the boss of the other dogs but very loyal and placid, she's never been destructive. I made her a little younger in her gaze.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here is the secret mothers day portrait I did of Aarky

Arky was a Russian blue cat .Jessica's mum was horrified when Aarky was run over a month ago . Jessica thought that a portrait would help her mum deal with his death and be a moving mothers day gift.
 She didn't have any good photos and the one she first suggested wasn't usable. I managed to use a blurry flashed out head photo and place it on another photo of his body to come up with a portrait.

Here is the first photo that Jessica provided.
I didn't want to  paint from this photo as it is too far away , dark and featureless and I knew the portrait wouldn't be very good.
After looking through other photos Jessica found I suggested using this head
This photo wasn't very good either as it wasn't sharp and his eyes are ruined by the flash but it was the only one that might be usable to add to this body..which is a lovely photo of his blue coat but you can't see Aarky's lovely green eyes. Jessica wanted me to show his blue colour and green eyes .

Here is the final portrait .
 20 x 25cms framed Pastel

' Yes mum loved the portrait!  She cried. He's now hanging in our living room. '

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm painting as much as I can!

Panic stations this week as although I'll be around the next few weeks I won't be able to spend much time in the studio. I'm getting as much painting done as I can! I'll be checking emails but I won't be posting as often either.Time to paint an Oil portrait of Bridie a red cattle dog!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The creation of 'A big day"

I haven't posted any progressive photos of a painting for a while so here's one I did a while ago. I had taken photos of all the cats for a large portrait . We didn't use this one of Gabrielle the kitten but I thought it would be a fun one to paint .


Early stages

Getting there! 



A big day!


c 46 x 68cms framed

Have a Pastel created of your pet !
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Monday, May 2, 2011

My portrait of mum just won an Artshow award !

It won an award in the Oil painting section at the Dobell Artshow in Lake Macquarie.
Betty Linton OAM

The young boy and his dog portrait is progressing

I've just spent a few hours doing the background for the boy and dog portrait.It's finally coming together.It's suprising what a change of background can do.I was going to change the colour of his face but now it looks much more interesting.Still a fair way to go though. The two horse portrait is SO close..it's annoying that it's the last little tweaks which take so long and you can't hurry them!