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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This morning and roos

There have been heaps of roos around the house lately. This was the relaxed group this morning before I disturbed them walking over to the compost spot..

This ones a free loader that should have left home ages ago! Its' certainly double jointed! 
I expected it to fall out of the pouch as mum hopped off..

'Hi mum do you think you can pass down a bit to eat ?'

 I'll have a bit of a snack while I wait..
 ( I bet mum is thinking ..now if I jump off quickly maybe I can get rid of him...lol's)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here is my latest secret pet portrait Peppe.

                                                                     30 x 35cms image
                                                                            Framed Oil
'Oh, Sue, it's just perfect! You are so talented, beautifully captured. Dad will be in tears...
I think that's a good thing...!
You are a superstar. Thank you so much.'
JH Melbourne
 Peppe was unveiled yesterday. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ski roo

For Sale

30 x 40 cms  
Oil on gallery wrap canvas

 After some really bad winter weather the  roo in front has had a lightbulb moment and found a better way to get around in the snow - skis! His mate can't believe what he's seeing -
" What the..!????"
I cross country ski and this painting was inspired by a photo I took of a cocky little joey looking at me resting back on his tail .I thought he'd look great on skis!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The creation of Kerry & Huey

I've started on the painting of Kerry and Hughie.I've roughly blocked it in with acrylic.
I can see Hughie's head is twisted a bit and the bottom of his nose needs to come towards us a bit. I'll fix that later.
Everything is very rough at th
e moment but I do like the feel of it so I'm pleased with what I've done so far.
I'm changing the angle of Hughie's head from the photo so I'm winging it a bit!
It will be a 50 x 60cms Oil on gallery wrap canvas.
 Here's the latest on Kerry + Huey. I would probably prefer to have them without a background but I don't get the chance to do many backgrounds with commissioned paintings so I want to get some practise.
I'm still not happy with Huey's head. I don't have a photo to paint from.I've changed the angle.I have some photos but none are exactly what I need. I could cheat and cover it up with the bridle but I prefer to get it right first and then put the tack on.
 I've roughly done the arena sand and started on the trees.I'll have to think about what I want to achieve before I do much more.
 I got enthused yesterday and go a fair bit done of Huey.He's roughly done.I have to do a bridle and finish off a few bits.
I really like the way he stands out at the moment. It's much easier to get the horse , pet etc to stand out if you just have a simple colored background as then you can select the colour to best show them off. The challenge will be to finish off the background and place him in a setting without losing the impact.

Boy it's SO much easier painting a horse from a photo where they are in the sun and have gloss on their coats!
I was never happy with my equine entry as it was taken on an overcast day and I made up the sunlight and gloss on the coats. That's never as successful as having a decent photo to start with.
I also put a different photo of the front horses head and neck on the existing body.. a recipe for problems..lol's
If I go in it next year I'll make sure the photos are of horses in the sun with glossy coats.It will be so easy then.
If you are after a portrait of your horse try to get some sharp flattering photos taken in sunlight. If you don't look great in the best photo of the horse I can always use another suitable photo to put a nicer face on you!
I've changed Huey in this painting - made his head less tucked under and raised his front leg more so he is more active bit I still want that happy relaxed look the original photo had.Just an improved version.
I have another photo of Kerry from a similar angle but she is happier so I'll use that face for the portrait. Unforthunately it won't be easy as the photo isn't very sharp or clear.

Today I was going to start on the background  but realised I need to roughly paint Kerry before I do. I need the horse and rider roughly done - at least blocked in with colour before I'm able to decide where I need light and dark areas and which colours to use.
 So here is the latest.  

I've finally started to do the background. I want to get that done and make sure I have the general feeling I want before start on Kerry face and arms or do anymore to Huey.

 I'm pretty happy with the setting now. It's not finished but I'll come back in and fine tune things once it's dry and I have Kerry and Huey finished.
I'm leaving Kerry's face until I'm in the right frame of mind as then it will come much 
easier .
There is still heaps to do. I have to paint Kerry's face and arms then come back and refine both her and Huey , add the bridle and then subtle touches to the arena and background.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

If you think your having a bad day read this..lol's

I was busy in the studio framing a secret Chihuaha portrait commission and I heard a dog  barking loudly. We don't hear many dogs out here.The neighbour's have dogs but you rarely hear them.I ignored it for a while but after 15mins I was getting pretty peeved so I looked outside to see where it was coming from.

I saw one of the local red kelpies on our place and thought  that was why the other dogs had gone off . It yelled at it and it ran off.

Back inside and the barking started again..I had to go inside the house to get something and when I got outside I saw the dog was back and about 50' away barking at a roo it had holed up the dam.  I chased it away again.

When they are chased roos instincts are to go straight into a dam where hopefully the dog can't reach them. Unfortunately for this one it's midwinter and the dam is freezing.
It was shivering like crazy and I knew if it didn't get out of the water soon it would die of shock and hyperthermia.

I  tried to shoo her out by going behind her but that only got her more scared and shivery. Then I got a broom as I thought if I touched her on the rump she'd would flee out of the water but she stood petrified  waist deep in icey water.
 I  decided to leave her alone and hope she'd have the wits to get out soon. Sure enough after 10 minutes she wobbled out. She could hardly stand up and just stood there shivering.I couldn't see any joey in the pouch so I hope the dog didn't get it.

Shiver , shiver...brr

It's overcast today but luckily not too much wind as yet so hopefully she will warm up and survive..
 Not a good day for her!

Dripping, cold ,soggy but safe... at least from the dog. You can see the water dripping from her in the photo.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A nice day.

Even though I work from home I usually lock myself away in the studio all day. I decided today was too nice and I'd make an effort and have am tea near the house in the sun.See pic.

It was very cold last night c -3 or 4 degrees with a heavy frost this am.I couldn't sleep so I came out to the studio and worked for a few hours.
When I went back to bed I just couldn't warm up. My feet were really cold and keeping me awake. After about an hour I checked and the doona wasn't covering them properly.. Dur...Still cold when I covered them  but a lot better. lol's

 We have a new calf and he's really cute but mum won't let me get very close to take photos.His older brother has jumped the fence ( literally) to join the young girls next door and has been living with them for the last month. - teenagers! huh! No point in putting him back as he'll just jump out again.


It must be tough being born at this time of year..brr.he was running around a lot yesterday am .The kangaroo joeys were hyper this am probably trying to warm up!
 Time to get back into painting the portrait of Kerry riding Huey. I'm about to start adding Oil paint over the top of the blue stage..

More horsey sketches

 Because they are only small they don't photograph well. The framed photos of them show more  accurately how they look . 
 Each buy now button refers to the sketch above it.

Horsey sketch 12 d
 Framed size c 19 x 23cms under glass 
 $75 includes postage Australia wide


Horsey sketch 12 e
 Framed size c 19 x 23cms under glass 

 $75 includes postage Australia wide


Horsey sketch 12 f
 Framed size c 19 x 23cms under glass 

 $75 includes postage Australia wide


Horsey sketch 12 g
 Framed size c 19 x 23cms under glass 

 $75 includes postage Australia wide


Here is a photo of  Horsey sketches f + g to show you the size and how well they go together.

Set of any 2 sketches
$140 includes postage Australia wide

Email me to tell me which ones you want. Only 12b & 12 c left.( see other post).

Horsey sketch 12 h
 Framed size c 19 x 23cms under glass 

 $75 includes postage Australia wide


Here are some new horsey sketches I have created

I have a ball drawing these! They really capture the spirit of the horse..I think I must have been a horse in a former life..lol's
 They are very affordable and I even accept lay byes and make great gifts so if you have someone who is horse mad Christmas is coming up! They can be purchased separately but some are designed to go together as well.
 They are all framed under glass ready to hang - framed size is 185 x 225 mm. 
 $75 each. You can purchase either by emailing me and organising things or click on the Paypal buttons below each to pay securely with your credit card or account.

Horsey sketch 12 a

 $75 includes postage Australia wide.


Horsey sketch 12 b

For Sale 
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Horsey sketch 12 c

For Sale 
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Set of the 2 sketches ( LHS + Middle above) 12 b + 12 c
$140 includes postage Australia wide
12a (RHS is sold)
 To help show their size the ruler in the photo is 30cms long .

For Sale 

 $140 includes postage Australia wide.

Studio visits available - come and watch me paint!

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  We are going to have an exhibition at Cessnock Art gallery in February 2013 so you can come along and see what we all do.