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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The creation of Kerry & Huey

I've started on the painting of Kerry and Hughie.I've roughly blocked it in with acrylic.
I can see Hughie's head is twisted a bit and the bottom of his nose needs to come towards us a bit. I'll fix that later.
Everything is very rough at th
e moment but I do like the feel of it so I'm pleased with what I've done so far.
I'm changing the angle of Hughie's head from the photo so I'm winging it a bit!
It will be a 50 x 60cms Oil on gallery wrap canvas.
 Here's the latest on Kerry + Huey. I would probably prefer to have them without a background but I don't get the chance to do many backgrounds with commissioned paintings so I want to get some practise.
I'm still not happy with Huey's head. I don't have a photo to paint from.I've changed the angle.I have some photos but none are exactly what I need. I could cheat and cover it up with the bridle but I prefer to get it right first and then put the tack on.
 I've roughly done the arena sand and started on the trees.I'll have to think about what I want to achieve before I do much more.
 I got enthused yesterday and go a fair bit done of Huey.He's roughly done.I have to do a bridle and finish off a few bits.
I really like the way he stands out at the moment. It's much easier to get the horse , pet etc to stand out if you just have a simple colored background as then you can select the colour to best show them off. The challenge will be to finish off the background and place him in a setting without losing the impact.

Boy it's SO much easier painting a horse from a photo where they are in the sun and have gloss on their coats!
I was never happy with my equine entry as it was taken on an overcast day and I made up the sunlight and gloss on the coats. That's never as successful as having a decent photo to start with.
I also put a different photo of the front horses head and neck on the existing body.. a recipe for problems..lol's
If I go in it next year I'll make sure the photos are of horses in the sun with glossy coats.It will be so easy then.
If you are after a portrait of your horse try to get some sharp flattering photos taken in sunlight. If you don't look great in the best photo of the horse I can always use another suitable photo to put a nicer face on you!
I've changed Huey in this painting - made his head less tucked under and raised his front leg more so he is more active bit I still want that happy relaxed look the original photo had.Just an improved version.
I have another photo of Kerry from a similar angle but she is happier so I'll use that face for the portrait. Unforthunately it won't be easy as the photo isn't very sharp or clear.

Today I was going to start on the background  but realised I need to roughly paint Kerry before I do. I need the horse and rider roughly done - at least blocked in with colour before I'm able to decide where I need light and dark areas and which colours to use.
 So here is the latest.  

I've finally started to do the background. I want to get that done and make sure I have the general feeling I want before start on Kerry face and arms or do anymore to Huey.

 I'm pretty happy with the setting now. It's not finished but I'll come back in and fine tune things once it's dry and I have Kerry and Huey finished.
I'm leaving Kerry's face until I'm in the right frame of mind as then it will come much 
easier .
There is still heaps to do. I have to paint Kerry's face and arms then come back and refine both her and Huey , add the bridle and then subtle touches to the arena and background.

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