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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm really excited about this one...

..I went for a bushwalk recently..Gloucestor again.We walked up onto the spectacular rocky range near the town..the Gloucestor Buckets.We went up to the highest point and then back down via a rocky ridge. I have been bushwalking for over 30 years and used to be very scared of exposed scrambling etc. I thought I'd got over it but on the way down the ridge there was a spot where it dropped off steeply below and you had to get up a rocky bit that had loose dirt.One of the blokes stood below so you couldn't see the drop and for safety and the other above to grab your hand and haul you up..I wasn't game to even look down and let out a few swear words as I got helped up..The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and for the rest of the way down the ridge ( rocky steep scramble but not as exposed) the adrenaline was buzzing.I think thats why the views had such an effect on me although they were spectacular! Ok. So I'm not cured of my fear of heights.. Just have to be sure there aren't any kiddys around for when I next get stuck in a similar position as a few swear words are certain to pop out..Lol's
Anyway it was late in the afternoon and the views down into the valley were spectacular.I'm using 2 separate photos as reference for this painting and I hope to capture the atmosphere of the place.If you've bushwalked before , are fit and don't mind heights I'd highly recommend this walk..360 degrees views from the top.Go with someone else though and research it first.

Here is a painting I have started from photos taken then.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here is 'Gloucestor Scene' finished and for sale

For Sale
Gloucestor Scene
22 x 28cms
 unframed Oil on canvas

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here's a 2 1/2 hr Oil sketch I did from a model yesterday

A group of us paint from a model every two weeks.This is great training for painting portraits as you can see a lot more colours from life than in a photo.Photos generally show dark areas as black holes and flesh tones as pasty pink which they aren't viewed in real life.
This is where I experiment with wild colours and techniques..These sketches  aren't finished as they are done in a few hours but I like the rawness of some of them. I am still feeling my way but I eventually want to be able to use bold colours but get a realistic result.
I use this knowledge to make my commisssions a bit more interesting colour wise although I am much more conservative with them . If you would like your portrait to be a gusty colourful portrait let me know !
2.30hr Rough Oil sketch
 I feel I've captured something of her personality in this one. This is the advantage of working from life.If someone  makes a little gesture ( like the half opened mouth ) you can sometimes capture the moment and it gives it more interest.

A new landscape in the making..

I've just started to do a new landscape..It's weird it deosn't matter how many I've done that blank canvas still scares the hell out of me! I'm experimenting with a new way of doing them.I know what I want I'm just not sure how to get there yet..Here it is in the early stages..I went cycling up around Gloucestor recently... and this is one from a reference photo I took then.I need a break ..Fair way to go yet before its done..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Eek..I better start planning my Archibald entry.

Well I just had an email from the paper and they want to come and take some photos of me when I paint mum and do a story..looks like I better get organised.I'vebooked her for next week but have no real idea of what I want to do..
You have to have several sittings where you paint from the model / mum rather than a photo.I prefer to work like that anyway as you can see many more colours in flesh etc than a camera can..I may have to finish from photos although working from photos it's easy to get bogged down in detail and lose any life you have captured from the live sittings.
The hardest part is coming up with a concept.I was only going to paint a small painting c 30 x 40cms initially as with Xmas coming I'm not going to have time to spend on a large one but now the paper wants to take a photo I may go up a size or so as it will look more impressive.I've got stage fright but I suppose I just do what I usually do which is aim for a colourful portrait with a likeness and try to capture her nature.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've done it now..

I've been muttering about painting a portrait of my mother and entering it in the Archibald portrait prize for a while but now they mentioned my plan in the paper I better get started doing things!
My mother recently won an order of Australia Medal for her part in saving the artist's Dobell's house for prosperityso she now qualifies as a subject for the Archibald.

Heres No 2 framed

Now available handmade cards from a selection of my original artworks

I am making some large cards from some of my original artworks.They are approx 15 x 21 cms and will be for sale at $7 each through here and my website.They are each in a protective clear pouch and can be bought individually or in larger quantities.Allow $3 for postage.
I will add them soon.

Miniature horsey sketch No 2

Miniature Horsey Sketch No 2
18 x 23cms
completes a set of 3
This one will be framed like the other 2.I'll post a pic once I've framed her.I think this one is my favourite.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photo shoot day today & I still havent lost that 5kgs..

Well I haven't lost the kilos or wrinkles and i get my photo taken for the newspaper today.. I think I'll just ask for the full workout in photoshop..LOL's

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A closer view

 It will be hanging on a large wall so it's designed to look good when it's viewed from about 10' -15' away.You get the overall effect from there .Here is a closer version of some of the detail.

Mr Expensive , Cheryl Duff & All Zipped Up - Large portrait

Finally ..here is the finished large horsey portrait I posted ages ago.

Mr Expensive and All Zipped up ( with Cheryl Duff )

75 x 85 cms


This was a very complicated portrait and I used about a dozen different photos to come up with the end result.I will eventually put a page on my website showing all the reference photos and what was involved.I'll let you know when I have.

Emma and Balco again

I have kept painting these two.I felt I had captured Emma's sweetness but the thing that appealed to me in the photo was that although she was cute she also had a wise look..inbetween a child and an adult.I feel I have captured that better now..
Latest Emma and Balco

Ps - I realise the landscape and other works galleries are too wide..

They are on my list to fix for today but I want to paint first!

misery guts..

I was beating myself up this am because it was a gorgeous Spring day and I was walking in the bush and still feeling miserable..It wasn't until I got into the studio and started to prepare to do some painting that I realised I was happy again..I need to paint! I don't know how many times I have this happen it still takes me a while to realise what's going on..Dur..
I've spent the last few days redoing my ' Paintings for Sale" pages on my website to hopefully make it more user friendly so I havent been painting for a while.
Any feedback would be welcome..Go to my website and click on the " Paintings for Sale' link in the  menu at the top of the page. If you find any problems or can suggest a way to make it easier to use let me know.


I wear those Croc plastic sandles/enclosed shoes around at home.They live on the back verandah. I put them on this am and then gave a screech!..A frog squeezed out of one of the holes and just sat there.. I think it was feeling a bit off after sqeezing its 2 " body through a 1/2 " hole..ugh squishy damp shoes..Just goes to show we have a healthy environment where we are..

Monday, September 20, 2010

I just had a phonecall from a newspaper wanting to get a photo of me with one of my paintings at my exhibition so they can put an article in this Thursday.I wonder if I can lose 5kgs by Wednesday..hee hee

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here all all the latest sketches

The steel ruler is 30cms / 1 foot long.
 Save by buying the whole set
$400 for the set including postage - save $70 ( australia only )
Contact me for an Overseas deal

Heres No 13 framed

No 12 & 13 sketches make a lovely set
Save by buying the pair for $225 including postage  - saving $45 ( Australia only )

Contact me for prices for the set if you are overseas.

No 13 horsey sketch

No 13 horsey sketch
Framed Charcoal
24 x 29cms outer frame size

Heres " Morning at the dam' framed.

Morning at the dam
Oil under glass with 2 mats
37 x42cm
outer frame size
$295 + postage

Australia - email me for o/seas

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Framed miniature horsey sketch No 4

For Sale
Larger Horsey miniature sketch No 4

Black frame outer frame size approx 24 x29 cms

$100 AUD + postage (Australia)

For overseas enquiries email me via my website

No 3 miniature horsey sketch

Horsey miniature sketch No 3
Outer frame size approx 18 x22 cms
$65AUD + postage (Australia)
For ove

overseas enquiries email me via my website

What a nice suprise!

When I got the mail today I saw a letter from the council and groaned.. oh no must be rates time again..but when I opened it I had a pleasant suprise.It was the mayor congratulating me on my HC win at the business awards.. If only we could get more mail like that!

Here is No 1 framed

For Sale
Horsey miniature sketch No 1
Outer frame size 18 x 22 cms
$65 + postage
If you are local and can pickup I will refund you the postage.

Here's the first of several small horsey sketches in charcoal

Horsey miniature  sketch no 1
8 x 10 cms image size

I've just done some little miniature horse sketches. I'd going to enter one in an artshow.I think it will be this one.I love doing them..I must look funny I'm sure I pull faces as I do them..LOL's

They look better in the flesh as they have been enlarged so they look a bit fuzzy.They are all on white paper in charcoal but the photos make the paper look different colours so ignore that. They will be for sale framed and matted for $65 + postage.I'll post the rest when I get a chance and also after I've framed them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finished ' Morning at the dam"

Morning at the Dam

21 x 28cms image size ( larger when framed)


$295 AUD + postage when framed

I am going to frame the painting with a tasteful gold frame .It will then be for sale here.

I'll post a pic of the frame and enable direct sales when I do.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My art business has just been Highly Commended in the Hunter Business Awards!Thanks to everyone that has supported me and made it possible.

When I was presented it the official said that  a Highly Commended Awards is better than a 2nd.It means that I only missed out on winning my section ( arts) by a few points.

The way the awards work is that each business is allocated points for different aspects of their business.A large proportion of those come from when the judges contact customers for feedback on the experience they had dealing with me. So thanks to everyone that supported me!
The region is quite large so it is quite an achievement to have been selected.

For the first time in years I didn't go to the award presentation so I wasn't presented the award on the night and missed my moment of glory and being in the newspapers..bummer  that will teach me..
I won the awards the first year I entered and as Arts starts with 'A' and the awards are announced alphabetically I was the first one announced. Having never been to an award ceremony before I was caught offguard and walked up to accept my trophy in front of hundreds of people and the media garbling.." arr.. I don't know what to say.. arhh..etc etc.."LOL"s
I've been a Finalist every year since.
I'll have to find a spot on the wall in the studio for the HC award and I suppose I should put my winning award there somewhere too.. Argh! I need a bigger studio! I aim high with my business and my artworks so it's nice to get support and acknowledgement for all the hard work . Thanks again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here's a humourous horsey painting

For Sale
30 x 30cms
 mixed media on canvas
 $400 + postage

Monday, September 6, 2010

Well here is one .. its not quite done yet..

Morning at the dam
 to be completed but it will be for sale here as an unframed Oil on canvas when its done.
So much for the new style.. I just can't help myself I suppose I'm a detail person..Not done yet but almost.

I'm dying to try a new idea with my art

I just treated myself to a workshop in Oils and I'm keen to try some new ideas in my own work.Its just that everything else seems to get in the way! I'll have to do a little one after lunch..They are very simple and less detailed but great for my non portrait artwork.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I've just spent hours working on a portrait just to find it's not as good now as it was earlier! Ugh!

Lucky I take photos as I go along .I'll just have to go back to where things started to go wrong and fix things..I hate it when I waste time like that!