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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here's a 2 1/2 hr Oil sketch I did from a model yesterday

A group of us paint from a model every two weeks.This is great training for painting portraits as you can see a lot more colours from life than in a photo.Photos generally show dark areas as black holes and flesh tones as pasty pink which they aren't viewed in real life.
This is where I experiment with wild colours and techniques..These sketches  aren't finished as they are done in a few hours but I like the rawness of some of them. I am still feeling my way but I eventually want to be able to use bold colours but get a realistic result.
I use this knowledge to make my commisssions a bit more interesting colour wise although I am much more conservative with them . If you would like your portrait to be a gusty colourful portrait let me know !
2.30hr Rough Oil sketch
 I feel I've captured something of her personality in this one. This is the advantage of working from life.If someone  makes a little gesture ( like the half opened mouth ) you can sometimes capture the moment and it gives it more interest.

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