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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My art business has just been Highly Commended in the Hunter Business Awards!Thanks to everyone that has supported me and made it possible.

When I was presented it the official said that  a Highly Commended Awards is better than a 2nd.It means that I only missed out on winning my section ( arts) by a few points.

The way the awards work is that each business is allocated points for different aspects of their business.A large proportion of those come from when the judges contact customers for feedback on the experience they had dealing with me. So thanks to everyone that supported me!
The region is quite large so it is quite an achievement to have been selected.

For the first time in years I didn't go to the award presentation so I wasn't presented the award on the night and missed my moment of glory and being in the newspapers..bummer  that will teach me..
I won the awards the first year I entered and as Arts starts with 'A' and the awards are announced alphabetically I was the first one announced. Having never been to an award ceremony before I was caught offguard and walked up to accept my trophy in front of hundreds of people and the media garbling.." arr.. I don't know what to say.. arhh..etc etc.."LOL"s
I've been a Finalist every year since.
I'll have to find a spot on the wall in the studio for the HC award and I suppose I should put my winning award there somewhere too.. Argh! I need a bigger studio! I aim high with my business and my artworks so it's nice to get support and acknowledgement for all the hard work . Thanks again.

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