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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michael - My latest 2.30hr unfinished Oil portrait from a model

Here's Mondays 2.30hr portrait from a model

30 x 40cms
Oil on canvas

I'm pretty happy with this one although due to the limited time I painted his face 1st and clothes later and you can tell.If I was to finish him off I'd put a few darker and sharper lines through his shirt and more pinks to even out the overall effect. He is quite a character!
Michael is a professional artist's model and you can tell the difference as he brings 'something' to his pose..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rhiannon & Storm

Here is the finished portrait of Rhiannon and Storm.
You can see photos of the portrait being created in an earlier post.

Rhiannon and Storm
c 50 x 60cms image
 Framed Oil
' Absolutely thrilled with the portrait of Rhiannon and Storm. You have done such an amazing job.'
Rhiannon and Robyn

 Hung on my wall.

Friday, April 13, 2012

An enjoyable day

I had a lovely studio visit on Tuesday. Shelley her dad and daughter watched me paint some of Zarley's portrait and  had a look at the weekly portrait sketches and the landscapes I have .They enjoyed watching Zarley's portrait start to come to life.
We had fun talking , had afternoon tea and they departed with quite a few paintings under their arm.
 If you'd like to come along and watch me paint and see where I work just contact me to arrange a time!

In memory of Rambo

Rambo passed away several years ago and the portrait I created will be a birthday gift. The lady knows it is coming but hasn't seen the result so she should be very excited.

 12 x 16 " image 
 Framed Pastel

 I love knowing I'm a part of making someones day so special!

You can see more of my portraits at 

I bring your photos to life in paintings that will touch your heart!
 Satisfaction guarantee

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rupert the Belgian barge dog

I finally finished off the pastel of Rupert I started as a demo about a month ago.

He's got a really unusual fluffy coat that was fun to do.

23 x 28cms image

The photo I was using had Rupert looking cuddly and relaxed with his ears back. His owner asked if I could put them forward as this was more typical of Rupert. I'd usually say it wasn't possible as when a dog has it's ears forward the eyes and face shape are different to if it has them back but I think we got away with it here ( below). I just suggested his ears which works as they are usually partly obscured by fur anyway. 
Altered portrait -

Now he looks like he is ready to go on their  next big adventure!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I really enjoyed the Doggy Day Out on Sunday

We had great weather , sunny light winds, even a little warm although I was ok in the shade of my awning.
I got to meet some nice people and their dogs and enjoyed sketching everyone's dogs. The sketches went down really well.
I would have loved to see the stage events but I couldn't get away for long. Spunky Puppies next door had some amazing coloured poodles and a small dog made up to look like a bumblebee complete with wings!I think it may have won a fancy dress comp on the day.
 I wish I'd thought to take a photo of it.They dye the dogs and it gradually grows out.
 Here are a few pics of the day. I should have got someone to take a photo of me sketching but I didn't think of it.

I also didn't think to take photos of the sketches except for the last 2 I did. Here they are remeber they are only 15min odd sketches from a moving dog so they won't be as finished or as accurate as my usual portraits. They are A3 ( 30 x 40cms size ).

An Australian shepherd puppy. I loved the colour of his fur!

Kelsea a Samoy . I had fun getting the lovely soft look of her fur.

Here is some of Spunky puppies handiwork


He doesn't quite look mean enough does he..I think he'll have to 'grow into his new look & get a new attitude..lol's

Monday, April 2, 2012

Poor old Zeuss..


My horse Zeuss is very sensitive and has been eaten alive by mossies lately. He's sleep deprived from stomping and snatching at bugs.
 I had him up today to go for a ride and was grooming him and asked him to move his hindquarters over.He's really good with that sort of thing so when he came towards me and circled the wrong way for 2 laps and then tried to back up before he finally realise what I wanted I knew it was going to be an interesting ride!.lol's

Another hint was his constant yawning and him going to sleep as I groomed  zzzz... I'd just sprayed the bugs so they were giving him a bit of a respite and he was making the most of it to get micro sleeps.
He was too tired to muck up on the lunge and I was very impressed at how light , responsive and good he was to ride.I wasn't going to ride him very long or hard as I felt sorry for him. I asked for a fast canter and then to slow it and  he stumbled badly. It's a grassed arena and he can stumble occasionally but it doesn't worry me as he always gets it together. 
 I thought he'd had it today ( so did he). He went down onto his nose and travelled along on it for 4 or 5 strides before he managed to get up.He is a very comfortable horse to ride and even his stumbling rarely unseats me.
 I finished off soon after that as he was going well and I decided to quit while we were ahead.
 It wasn't till he was unsaddled that I saw his nose was bleeding from the inside so it was a painful stumble.. Poor thing. He seems ok though.

He looks alert but that's just because I called him and he thinks he's going to be fed! lol's.. See his left nostril..

After the ride although he was like that before!