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keep it alive in an Heirloom Portrait !

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Monday, December 30, 2013

New website on the way for 2014!

I'm busy building a new website for 2014.
 It's been an extreme learning curve!
There were a few times when the computer was almost fisbeed across the room but I'm coming out the other side and really enjoying it.lol's
It will be more modern and easier to navigate. If you haven't seen my current one have a look -

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Koda the Fox

Here's an early Xmas portrait Koda the fox
18 x 25cms image
Framed Pastel
'Candice and the guys gave me Koda (the fox's) portrait last night and it's amazing! You really captured her perfectly. Thank you so much.'

Xmas greetings!

The last of my Xmas portraits has been delivered. 3 will be presented tomorrow so I'm keen to hear how they go.
I'm having a short break from portraits and I'm now redoing my website. It's a bigger job than doing the murals! lol's
Hopefully I can have the new website up and running in the next month or so. It should be a lot easier to use and prettier.. I'll be after some user feedback when I put it up but I'll let you know when the time comes. Happy Xmas!
 I'll be in and out of the studio a bit over the next fortnight but you should be able to catch me if you leave a message.

Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm painting at the Summer Arts Bazaar 9-3pm tomorrow Saturday 7th Dec - Civic Park Newcastle

I'm packed for the Art Bazaar at Civic Park Newcastle tomorrow.Still not sure what I'll be painting. I have a cat's face in Oil as one idea but at the moment I may just finish off Chloe the rottweiler.
The problem will be making sure I make her portrait colourful enough. The problem with working out of doors in public is that if it looks ok outdoors in bright light it will look drab inside with normal light.
I'll have to go with very vibrant outdoors with the demo so in more subdued light it will still look interesting. That's a bit scary as I know it will look better inside but passersby will probably think it's a bit much! lol's
Come along and have a look!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Remi the Rottweiler

The original reference photo.
 I don't often show the photo reference as I tend to ad lib a bit and often use several photos to come up with your ideal portrait.
 Your  portrait will look like your pet but may not look exactly like the photo.
The photo was lovely but not very sharp.
I wanted the portrait to be more alive and colourful than the photo and for her to be the star so I downplayed her collar.
I generally check to see if you are ok for me to make your portrait more colourful. I can do a copy of the photo but I feel my method generally improves on the photo! 

The finished portrait.
Remi's portrait is an engagement present.  
She is a 20 x 25cms image size Pastel

The custom framed portrait ready to hang.