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Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 1 - Repainting the Bullocky Mural - Kurri

Here's what the Bullock mural looked like before I started repainting it ( other than the nose I was starting to correct).
I'm a bit bulked up as it was cold this am!

  After 6hrs painting I got a good start on the main bullock. He's about 75% done.
zzzzzzz...I'll sleep well tonight! lol's

Below- 1st thing this am. Just starting to later his nose.

The original faded bullocks.

After today's revamp - not finished but a good start. I still need to put orange colour on the bullock , fix and detail his face and adjust the white bits shape and colour wise.I also need to do his horns, hooves and the collar. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow and start on the second bullock. 
The front bullock looks out of place at the moment but as the rest of the mural is bought back to the correct colour he will fit in better.

Here is the faded version again so you can compare-

The Mural committee man who was helping me had just bought some new lightweight scaffolding and wanted to put it up to see if it could be manhandled up and down.
He set it up. On top it has a platform that you stand on made of 2 planks. To get onto it there is a hole in the middle of the scaffolding planks and you put a ladder up the centre , climb up the ladder and out onto the planks.
As he climbed up the scaffolding gave way and fell sideways so he was trapped squished between the layers!!
I thought he was going to have his back broken! I held it and he managed to get out and said he only had aches and bruising. I decided I'd stick to using a ladder! Hope he's ok.

Bringing the Bullocky mural at Kurri back to it's former glory.

Today is the first day of repainting the Kurri Bullock Mural.The mural is 10 years old and considering it gets the strong western sun has lasted well.It has faded a lot.
I'll be taking photos each day to show you the progress. First time around it took 105hrs painting on the wall + prep time. Hopefully this time will be quicker as I already have the faded image to paint over but I want to bring it back to it's former glory.
Here I am mixing paints ready. I'm using a hand mixer although you can't see it in this photo.

The basic painting palette mixed as close as possible.

 I get the paint from the 4ltre cans ( good quality ext housepaint) and put it in smaller cans . Try and match my usual painting palette which is hard as they don't make some of the vivid colours I usually use. I mix all the colours I need from a smaller palette of colours.

So far I've roughly mixed the colours I want for the front bullock and will modify these to do the rear ones. They need to be adjusted so they are less bright / bluer so the bullock team will seem to recede.

These are tubs from the last few murals I've created . I keep them in case a mural need retouching but they can dry out over time so I'm reusing what I can for this mural.

I started to mix them in the garage as there is more space but the lighting wasn't very good and it isn't air conditioned. I moved into the studio although it's pretty cramped in here!