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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aren't they gorgeous!?

Seen on the back 'lawn' this am.
So far so good.We have quite a few 'tame' ducks.Usually the resident goanna gets the eggs before they hatch.Hopefully these chicks will be able to evade him and grow up.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A suprise gift

30 x 40cms
 Oil on Deep edged canvas

Here's Bella.Michel had her portrait hidden away at home until it was time to present her as a suprise birthday gift to Graeme this week.

Michel says

... 'The painting brought a tear to Graeme's eyes. He loved it. Graeme has taken the photo of the painting to put on his desk at work. She is hanging on the wall next to her other mates.'

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sad news

Ray has just lost his battle with cancer and passed away.I'm glad that his portrait has captured him in happier and healthier times.
Ray Penney
1926 - 2010

Wow this one is fun!

Getting there..I've been on a roll.Somedays I just can't get into it but others like today I've had a ball! Still have to do Balco , final adjustments on Emma and ties it all together.

Change of background colour

I just changed the background to light blue which looks nice but its a bit boring.. looks like I'll go back to the original underpainting colours..I usually experiment in a photo editing program on the computer and work it all out before I change the colour on the painting but the program isn't working at the moment..Thats a pity as its certainly a lot quicker to test background colours on the computer and then go ahead and paint the one that is the best rather than have to paint each option then wait for it to dry and go over it with another till I'm happy...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st background adjustment

Still feeling my way with the background colours. I have an idea in my head but I'll experiment a bit until I feel it is what I want.It looks better in the flesh.For some reason it photographs drab.

Nearly all covered now

I haven't got a likeness yet but that doesn't worry me.At the moment I'm just getting the overall effect and relationship between the two.I will continue to refine and adjust things until it is done..Which will be when I think it looks good , I have a good likeness and I feel I've captured that bond that first inspired me to paint them.

A bit more advanced

I used the nicest photo of Emma and placed it with the cutest of Balco to come up with this portrait.

Here are photos of one on the easel at the moment - Emma & Balco

early stages
This is the young girl and her pony that I mentioned before.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kangaroos this morning

I was watching the roos on the back 'lawn' this morning and one was bouncing along with its tail curled and held in the air like a dog...(.??? ) We laughed it looked so 'poncy' .Usually they hold them just out behind near the ground.Ah hah!.Maybe it wasn't so dumb.. Bindies again! I should do a painting with roos & bindies....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ive just drawn up a portrait of a young girl and her pony

I'm really looking forward to this one it's so cute. When I saw the photo I had to ask if I could paint it.
I've actually taken 2 photos and combined the nicest one of the girl with the cutest of the horse so it looks even better.
This will only be a small 30 x 40cm deep edged Oil.It will be nice to do a small one after the large portrait I've spent so much time on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It must be spring!

It must be spring. The roos graze around our house on the 'lawn' and I noticed one this am very intently biting the bottom of its foot..(?).This went on for about 5 mins..Ah hah! Bindies! I think they may decide to go elsewhere soon as our 'lawn' is 99% bindies..at least its green! We cant use bindie killer due to ducks + roos grazing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Into the light

Heres another. This painting was created when I went on a kayak trip in the Broken Bay area.As I had a crook neck I decided to stay back at this lovely beach and do a painting and let the others do the 20km trip. I was inspired by the way the light was shining on the water and the scenery was backlit.Once it was time to paddle home it was 'interesting' trying to pack a wet oil painting inside my kayak so it wouldn't get wet or put paint over everything!

For sale
Into the light
Framed Oil
c 40 x 45cms ( outer frame size)
$400 + freight

Here's your chance to get in early to buy my paintings ahead of everyone before my exhibition!

Here are some of the paintings that will be hung at my exhibition in September. ( details to come ).
For Sale
$395 + freight
Watagan Valley View
framed Oil
40 x 46cms ( outer frame size)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How intelligent are horses?

I consider my horse Zeuss to be pretty intelligent as far as horses go & trainers have told me that also but sometimes I have to wonder.I've put him in the paddock behind the house & he hates it there.He lives on his own in the paddock and feels more secure down the bottom..anyway there is more feed there. I put him in yesterday and left the back gate open so he could get out into the main paddock..despite going up to where the gate is he still doesn't realise he can go out..LOL's

Friday, August 6, 2010

Banjo the cheeky, happy Red Cattle dog

30 x 40cms
Oil on deep edged canvas
I thought it was time I showed some of my dog portraits.
Kendra says "Banjos is quite the character he is very cheeky he likes to steal your socks and shoes and hide them.He loves ice cream and always knows when you have one as he will sit at the back door and start drooling.He is always happy and very playful he's really just like another member of the family. "
He's also a handsome fellow!
Kendra wanted to suprise her mother by having his portrait painted for a birthday gift.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Painting never ceases to amaze me

I've been annoyed by one of the horses in the large portrait I've been doing.His eye seemed to grab too much attention.I want the other horse to be the one you look at.I thought I'd done a really good job of his eye so I didn't want to ruin things so I just made the dark in the eye area a touch lighter & wow! All how it should be..
Fine tuning now..a bit more on the foreground tidy up a few edges and hopefully that's it!
 I don't know about anyone else but I don't know where the weeks go..I seem to be doing heaps but never getting anywhere!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to the large horsey commission..Its almost done , at the fine tuning stage.It's tricky as its a big painting and will be viewed from about 4 - 5m' away so I have to have it bold enough to be impressive from that far away but also 'read' accurately from closeup.I get a likeness in the face closeup but then you cant see it from the viewing distance.When I make everything more obvious so it's ok from a distance it loses the likeness.It doesn't help that the face is only 3/4 inch long. Small portraits re very critical - you get a mark a mm out and the likeness is gone.In a 7m mural you could get a mark 15cms out & it wouldnt make a difference.I might wait for the face to dry & have a fresh look tomorrow.At least if its dry & I stuff up I can just wipe the mistake off without taking the whole lot off.I've really enjoyed creating this painting and I'm looking forward to seeing it framed as it will be very impressive.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Demo painting of me on my horse Zeuss

I started on my perfect painting of Zeuss and I  had a ball! I've made it really vibrant.It was fun being able to go ape with colour and not worry about whether someone else would like it. Actually I've been suprised in the past as some of the paintings I consider to be a bit radical and that people wouldn't like have been very well accepted..Maybe I'm the only one that is conservative! LOL's
I have to refine things a little ( but I want to keep it less finished than normal) finish me and the background and his near hind is too long so Ill shorten that a bit but I may leave it a little long as I like the effect.I didn't do my face at the demo as I need to concentrate and I was talking to people. Also sometimes I get a likeness pretty quickly but other times it can take ages & would be as interesting as watching paint dry..!
 I haven't quite captured Zeuss's expression yet either but I have slimmed myself down ( hee hee ) and fixed my posture plus made him be more active and pick his feet up.If only it was so easy in real life!