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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zeuss & I

I thought I'd post a few pics of Zeuss and I so you can get to know us. He was a bit lean when these photos were taken but has filled out not with spring feed.
 He's a 15.3hh TB gelding 20 year old. He used to buck me off regularly so I got some riding lessons and have been playing around with dressage for the last 9 years.We do half pass , counter canter and shoulder in etc but have never done a full test or gone to an event as I don't have a float or car capable of pulling one.

When he used to buck me off I started doing natural horsemanship and we've been doing variations ever since. The groundwork gave me the confidence to keep him. He wasn'tnasty just super sensitive and he didn't understand leg aids..

He has his ears back (above) but he enjoys it as much as I do.. here I am running and have asked him to come with me. This is free in a 25 acre paddock.
Some of these pictures were taken recently when a friend came up and we did a lot of other things but this is the only pic that must have been flattering lol's..

We get along pretty well these days..Scratch that itch please!

Over the years he's been trained in a lot of ways. He's pretty cluey. I started doing stockhorse type training and although my dressage instructor tells me not to do sideways at a halt I can't help myself at times! Z likes it too as he knows that this signals the end of the session..lol's I then do a turn on the haunches or forehand to line him up next to the mirror so when I get off and fix the covers he's in the right spot to remount.

This photo is a bit different...I did have 2 mirrors but one blew over in a storm and we have never replaced it. Bummer now I don't have one I can check my lateral ( sideways) work in..

A happy chappy..'phew it's finished!' ( cripes mate it's only half an hour!)

Good boy..


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm a winner in the 2012 Hunter Business Excellence Awards

On Friday I was announced as a winner in the 2012 Hunter Business Excellence Awards. 
Thanks to everyone who supported me and a special thanks to my referees.
I didn't mention it earlier as I was waiting for some photos from the night. There should be a segment with  official photos on the awards night in the Maitland Mercury and Cessnock Advertiser this week.
I was the first one called up onto the stage and managed to walk up without tripping over and made a speech so I'm happy! lol's
I now have 3 winning awards and a HC from the Business Awards.I'll have to make a place to display them in the studio.
I'm not sure the colour goes with my outfit..lol's
They are beautiful awards. I have a purple , blue and white and now the orange one.They are hand blown glass from Ogishi Glass at Pokolbin and they change the colour and get fancier every year! If I'd have known I was getting one and what colour they were I would have dressed to suit..lol's

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In memory of Mickey

Mickey was killed in an accident and his portrait was a secret birthday gift to provide memories of him in better times.

 20 x 25cms
 Framed pastel

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The paintings I was creating at the State dressage championships

Here is the latest on the lovely warmblood. He's almost there but I need to figure out the finishing touches so I'll put him aside for a while.

Here he is finished

For Sale
$1050 AUD
Soft and Kind

46 x 46cm
Oil on gallery wrap canvas

Price includes shipping Australia wide.
Overseas people you can purchase with the button. Shipping will be extra. For a rough price estimate email me.
 Here is an update on Rusty a demo I started back in June and did a bit more on the weekend.Rusty passed away several years ago and I want to cpature his kind face. He is probably the demo that is the least finished.
26 x 34cms
My demo painting of my horse Zeuss - not quite finished but I had a frame so I put him in to show everyone what he'd look like framed.
This photo is the most accurate for colour. I thought he was finished in the light of the venue but when I got him home in the studio light I decided he needs more. I'm not quite sure what yet but I'll put him aside and come back later for the finishing touches.
roughly 30 x 40cms
framed Oil
Here he is hung at the venue. The rocks slant back so it isn't the most flattering place to hang paintings but it gives an idea.
Me in the early stages of painting Zeuss. Blogger has changed and I can't choose a size of photo any more..
Here are the paintings hung on the back wall. I couldn't get them all in the one photo so here is the LHS ones..
RHS- Thanks to Robyn and Rhiannon for loaning me their portrait for the weekend.
 The whole display.The paintings on the back wall are a bit obscured here.