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Monday, February 28, 2011

Here's the demo painting I was working on Sunday. It's NOT finished yet.

I'm not 100% sure where I'm going with him .Hopefully I'll complete him in the next few days.
One problem I'm having is between my aging eyesight and the fact that the pastels are quite chunky sticks the details aren't going exactly where I want them! LOL's

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Hunter Lifestyle magazine wants to do an article on my Archibald portrait entry.

The Hunter Lifestyle Magazine  wants to do an article on my Archibald portrait entry so I'll be going out to mum's on Tuesday for a photoshoot and interview.
Hunter Lifestyle Magazine


This months magazine has an article on  my partners ' Cycle rides in the Hunter Valley " book!
I took the photo for the article on one of our cycles up north of Stroud in the valley.We did it last winter as we redid a lot of the cycles to ensure the information was up to date for the book.We're waiting for the weather to cool down so we can get back and do some of them again.

You can purchase the books through me for $11.95. The book has 18 rides with maps and information designed to get you onto lovely quiet scenic back roads so you can enjoy the scenery and peace and quiet.

I'm preparing for a demonstration painting at a horse event at the weekend

Well I'm sort of organised for the weekend although I won't feel relaxed until my car is packed..I only have a little hatchback and getting all the bits and pieces in it takes careful planning and a set method.I've had people walk past  and look inside and say " how do you get all that inside ???".

I've even thought of taking some photos of the car loaded with art stuff or sailboarding gear or with the homemade 'bed' in it to send to the manufacturers so they can use it to advertise the cars versatily! LOL's

Here are the reference photos for the demo pastel painting.It will be 25 x 30cms & be framed for sale .

This one is more for the body as I intend to change it a bit

Main reference photo
This little fellow was spotted by my friend abandoned on a property and she rescued him..So much for gratitude..the little bugger promptly bucked her off the first time she rode him! At least it wasn't far to fall!
He now stands looking in the door waiting for her to come out & feed him.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

So cute!

I saw this kangaroo mum & joey out the back of the house a few days ago. They are SO cute when they are little.Sorry the photo is a telephoto one so it isn't very clear.

We had pet roo years ago and it was great seeing the joeys grow up.Mum used to lie on the back verandah with her joeys.Go to my website and look under animal gallery and you'll see some roo inspired paintings I did in that era.
Here's the link

If you would like me to paint an animal painting for you contact me by clicking on the 'contact' at the bottom of the webpage.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another from the archives - Oscar a posthumous portrait

Oscar had passed away the year before and Natalie & Michael wanted a portrait to remember him by. The best photo we had was of Oscar when he was the ring bearer at their wedding. Often when you have a photo taken from a distance and you enlarge it the quality isn't good enough to use ( blurry ) but luckily with Oscar the photo was. I had to straighten the photo and add his feet as they were cut off. Luckily we had other photos that helped with that.
I was to place Oscar in the setting of their backyard so I got them to take some photos of the area they wanted and then I had to choose an area that would be typical of the yard but would suit the portrait and not overwhelm Oscar. I also had to ensure the scale was correct so that the rock ledge would look as it did if Oscar was actually sitting there.I was to take the collar that held the ring off him.
Here is the reference material and the finished portrait.
Reference photo


40 x 50cms
Framed Oil
" Thank you Sue, so much for my beautiful painting, it means more to me that I can put into words. Even though you never actually met Oscar you have still managed to capture his personality. To quote my friend Kym, who came with me to collect the painting, “You haven’t just painted a picture of a pet Australian Blue Cattle Dog, you’ve painted Oscar’.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

A secret birthday gift!

My latest horse portrait -

BeeJay Piaffe
25 x 30cms

  " Wow It's like looking at her in person! Fantastic!"
Shelley ( when Shelly was sent the photo of the portrait)
"I've just seen the painting - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spectacular! You have really captured her character. It's perfect!
 Meg is going to be so delighted! I'll let you know the reaction!"
( when Shelly saw the actual portrait)
'She  loved the painting!!!!! I wish you could have seen her face - she is delighted!'
We really are delighted. Mum has just seen the painting and was blown away, she said you really brought BJ to life.'

The portrait was a secret birthday gift for Megs so I couldn't post it until she received it yesterday.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kimberly & Duane see their portrait of Gruff in the flesh for the first time.

 40 x 50cms
Framed Oil

"Gruff has arrived – how fast is that Courier – it arrived in perfect condition and super fast so that’s awesome.

Now to the painting – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! I was trying to get ready for work this morning but kept getting distracted looking at him … you have just captured him so well, His face stands out so well and his eyes are so perfect, they have sparkle in them. His white chin and his smile – its all so so perfect - all the different colours used to get that perfect match, so much depth to the painting – we really cant thank you enough!
You have really given us something we will treasure forever and something that does help with the loss of Gruff. When I look at the painting it makes me so happy to remember him for the good times and makes me feel so proud of him.
We are still debating the perfect spot to hang him so I will let you know when he is officially on the wall.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou from the bottom of our hearts."

Kimberly & Duane

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you would like me to create a portrait or artwork for you it can all be done via the internet.

I ship Australia wide and Internationally.All we need to start the process is a sharp suitable photo!
Email me your favourites and I can tell you if they are suitable to paint from.

 'It works.We got the painting today thank you so much still waiting for Kim to get home so we can open it together. Thanks once again!!'

Silly horse!

Zeuss is a character.He's got lots of insect bites driving him mad at the moment.When I took his rug off this am he contorted himself to reach a hard to reach place. I said ' watch out silly you'll fall over! ' as he had to really lean his body over to reach near his girth. Sure enough a few minutes later he started to fall over & just caught himself before he fell into the gate..LOL's

I'm in shock..LOL's

I have the occasional riding lesson here and we do dressage.Today was the first time I think I really felt what it should be like.The canter was SO slow , light & collected..wow he did everything SO well and he hadn't been ridden since last Thursday! My instructor & onlooker both said it's a pity I can't get to events as I'd go well...bummer.I could get addicted to that feeling!Poor Zeuss was absolutely buggered after all the canter work..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's not finished yet but I'm finishing off one of my 2hr life portraits for a change.

I knew I wanted to paint something but I couldn't be bothered coming up with an idea. I decided I'd continue on with a 2hr life portrait I'd done last session.

Its still not finished but here is what I've done so far.
The portrait after my 2hr session ( I had to leave early so it was even more rushed than usual).
As it was straight after the  life session
A better likeness and refined at home. Almost there but not quite what I'm after yet. I''m not yet sure if I'll finish it completely .Sorry the photo is a bit blurred.

John was selling his much loved property and wanted memories captured in a painting.

I went over  and took lots of photos from different areas of the property.None really captured it.Here are some.

I subtley reorganised things so we can better see the dam and the view .The property was leased and there were shetlands grazing that I suggested we add them for some interest. John thought this was a good idea. With John's permission I also changed the painting  to a sunset scene.I was there when the sun set and although I didn't get any decent photos it looked great.
Here is the final painting

Clover Cottage
 Framed Oil

As well as my portraits you can have me paint anything you love.. your property , favourite view / holiday spot, car , motorbike etc.
Have a look at my website or contact me to talk about ideas.Click on the links to the left of this post.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not sure if Zeuss enjoyed his 1st trailride in months

We had an 'interesting' trailride today.
Z isn't shod so I put hoofboots on to protect his feet  whenever we go on the trails.They are secondhand and have been damaged and had  homemade repairs so they don't fit very well. Going out the back gate into the bush I opened the gate from horseback for my friend to go through. It isn't normally an issue but a small tree has grown just where we need to turn around so I was leaning down hanging onto the gate and Z had a tree wedged under his belly which didn't impress him.There was also an ant trail right where we were standing so he was stamping his feet trying to shake the biting ants off .He wasn't having any luck as they were going inside his boots and biting him there..My friend got off and got rid of most of the ants but Z was still stamping for a while.
Later on I was trotting along and he was twitching his wither and all coiled up feeling unhappy as if he was thinking about 'losing it'.Not good as I used to regularly get bucked off and even though he hasn't even looked like bucking for over 3 years I still get nervous.My friend pointed out that the water bottle I had tied to the saddle had lost its lid and the water was spraying down his sides as we trotted..Ok emptied the water out and that was solved.
The only problem then was one of the stupid hoofboots kept rotating 90 degrees so it was on sideways.I'd get off and just manhandle it straight which Z didn't appreciate as it must have been very tight & uncomfortable. He doesn't kick but he was cow kicking as I was turning it to let me know he didnt approve & I'd tell him 'NO!" & slapped his leg.After about 4 times like this I took the ##$ thing off so he had only 3 on.I need to buy some new ones that fit.
 He was a bit uptight most of the ride as he hasn't been off the property for months and felt uneasy so far from home. He was tired when we started ( 5 yawns in the first 5 mins ) and it was funny to see him sag as he got back to his known area..He promptly went to sleep after I tied him up when we finished.
 Not sure if I enjoyed it either.He is generally beautifully behaved but I'm nervous and he only has to prance a little for me to get worried.I always handle it at the time but with my artist's imagination I blow it all out of proportion thinking about it later.

I think we need a flyscreen.

I just saw the tail end of a red bellied black snake disappearing off the verandah.Bit of a worry as the laundry has no flyscreen and there's a gap under the door where it could get inside.I've placed a towel along the floor to block it. We used to wonder how the flies got in on hot days.They all like the verandah as it's cooler and they  hang around in droves and obviously get in under the door.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Posthumous portrait of Gruff

Well finally ! Here's Gruff

40 x 50cms framed Oil

( being framed at the moment)
 Here's what Kimberly & Duane said
"We LOVE it .You've done an awesome job!! Thank you.
Thanks again - you've done an amazing job capturing him!"

Gruff's face wasn't very clear in the photo we used so I used other photos of his face and of another Staffy's face to help do the portrait.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time for a clean..?

I just opened up a book & a 20 cent piece sized hairy black spider dropped into my lap..Screeech!! I hate spiders! I can cope with daddy long legs but anything bigger...I'm starting to get a complex about my computer area between the large huntsman spider last week and now this..ugh! Maybe it need a clean..LOL"s

Yep I think I'll get the vacuumn cleaner out & clean up the back of my desk near the window..only thing is how many hairy things are going to run out..? mmm..Maybe I should get my partner to do it....

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've been painting Gruff and had him at a stage where I was happy but then knew I had to continue and complete his background.Scary! I was hardly game to start and then I thought ' this is silly! ' I turned the radio up and started dancing around and just let it happen..phew .. worked well! I'll leave him for the day and come back tomorrow with a 'fresh eye".

Computer Scam

I just got a phonecall from someone who said they were from the software maintenance dept of Windows computer & would walk me through my computer to fix my problems..( I have had an error or something that tells me it needs to debug so I almost allowed them to. ) Luckily I rang my computer guru & he said no way that they get in & access your computer & hijack all the info. Other people have done it & hes had to fix their computers..+ Windows don't contact you. So if they ring don't let them do anything !

Surviving the heat

Yesterday I noticed these little guys hanging gasping from a hanging pot on the verandah..Most of the pots have a water filled cavity at the base but this one is dry ..silly buggers . I don't know how they survive in it. When you have the lights on of a night they jump onto the window and catch any moths that settle on it attracted to the light

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heatwave conditions this week..

41 degrees and a flock of birds were walking past the back door with their beaks gaping with heat stroke.Thank god for air con! Enjoying painting Gruff.

I can't show you my latest portrait as its a secret.I'll post it as soon as I can.
 I used to be a motorcycle postman in a former life and used to get heatstroke regularly riding on days like today with long sleeves + pants , a hot helmet on , no shade and a bike putting out hot air..Urr! This is MUCH nicer!