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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not sure if Zeuss enjoyed his 1st trailride in months

We had an 'interesting' trailride today.
Z isn't shod so I put hoofboots on to protect his feet  whenever we go on the trails.They are secondhand and have been damaged and had  homemade repairs so they don't fit very well. Going out the back gate into the bush I opened the gate from horseback for my friend to go through. It isn't normally an issue but a small tree has grown just where we need to turn around so I was leaning down hanging onto the gate and Z had a tree wedged under his belly which didn't impress him.There was also an ant trail right where we were standing so he was stamping his feet trying to shake the biting ants off .He wasn't having any luck as they were going inside his boots and biting him there..My friend got off and got rid of most of the ants but Z was still stamping for a while.
Later on I was trotting along and he was twitching his wither and all coiled up feeling unhappy as if he was thinking about 'losing it'.Not good as I used to regularly get bucked off and even though he hasn't even looked like bucking for over 3 years I still get nervous.My friend pointed out that the water bottle I had tied to the saddle had lost its lid and the water was spraying down his sides as we trotted..Ok emptied the water out and that was solved.
The only problem then was one of the stupid hoofboots kept rotating 90 degrees so it was on sideways.I'd get off and just manhandle it straight which Z didn't appreciate as it must have been very tight & uncomfortable. He doesn't kick but he was cow kicking as I was turning it to let me know he didnt approve & I'd tell him 'NO!" & slapped his leg.After about 4 times like this I took the ##$ thing off so he had only 3 on.I need to buy some new ones that fit.
 He was a bit uptight most of the ride as he hasn't been off the property for months and felt uneasy so far from home. He was tired when we started ( 5 yawns in the first 5 mins ) and it was funny to see him sag as he got back to his known area..He promptly went to sleep after I tied him up when we finished.
 Not sure if I enjoyed it either.He is generally beautifully behaved but I'm nervous and he only has to prance a little for me to get worried.I always handle it at the time but with my artist's imagination I blow it all out of proportion thinking about it later.

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