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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm really excited about this one...

..I went for a bushwalk recently..Gloucestor again.We walked up onto the spectacular rocky range near the town..the Gloucestor Buckets.We went up to the highest point and then back down via a rocky ridge. I have been bushwalking for over 30 years and used to be very scared of exposed scrambling etc. I thought I'd got over it but on the way down the ridge there was a spot where it dropped off steeply below and you had to get up a rocky bit that had loose dirt.One of the blokes stood below so you couldn't see the drop and for safety and the other above to grab your hand and haul you up..I wasn't game to even look down and let out a few swear words as I got helped up..The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and for the rest of the way down the ridge ( rocky steep scramble but not as exposed) the adrenaline was buzzing.I think thats why the views had such an effect on me although they were spectacular! Ok. So I'm not cured of my fear of heights.. Just have to be sure there aren't any kiddys around for when I next get stuck in a similar position as a few swear words are certain to pop out..Lol's
Anyway it was late in the afternoon and the views down into the valley were spectacular.I'm using 2 separate photos as reference for this painting and I hope to capture the atmosphere of the place.If you've bushwalked before , are fit and don't mind heights I'd highly recommend this walk..360 degrees views from the top.Go with someone else though and research it first.

Here is a painting I have started from photos taken then.

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