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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its been raining all day today

I went to check the rainguage today and a kangaroo started to come up to me..(??)..Ah ..it's Josephine! We used to have a 'pet' roo called Cactus.She used to roam free but spend a lot of time on the backdoor mat and you'd have to step over her to get in the house.If you let her she'd come inside.Apparently she was a rescued joey that had been purt back into the wild but decided she preferred people.The neighbours said she used to sleep on one of their beds.. Anyway she was around for about 4 years and popped out several generations of joeys until she was chased by some feral dogs & got injured and we had to put her down. We cried for a week as she was our child substitute..
 Anyway Josephine was her weaned joey ( half grown out of the pouch but still hanging around mum). She isn't as tame as Cactus but she'll come up for a biscuit when you call.We used to be bale to spot her easily but now all the roos are pretty tame & don't hop off..mind you none of the rest come up to be fed..
When she started to eat the bicci Zeuss started up the paddock to get his share..Poor Josephine started to tremble and hopped off so Z got the bics...bully..

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