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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So much for the sleep in !

I was awake from 11pm to 3am last night so I went out to the studio ( one of the advantages of working from home ) . I wanted to catch up this morning but was woken by my partner at 6.30am " the horse is standing with his rug dangling " ..bugger..
 I looked out and half way down the 25acre paddock he's cavorting around trying to move..I yelled out as usually that makes him stop whatever he's doing and look and wait.. Nope.. he wanted it off even if it destroyed him & the rug!
 I went down and he was lunging into the air . The rug was draped around his neck & shoulder with the body uncovered. I was a bit nervous at getting close to him as he was freaking out but talked calmly & went to pat him on the face. Unfortunately my fingernail got him ( ?) & he spooked back..Luckily I got his confidence & went to rescue him. The rug was still done up with the chest strap and somehow he'd got one leg out of it so the rug was now strangling him around the wither & over the shoulder & preventing him moving..He's pretty smart and I noticed in the short time it took me to go down to him he'd learnt that if he sidepassed to the left the rug would drag and he could make some progress..LOL's
I was worried he'd freak as I undid it as I had to pull it even tighter to get the buckle undone but it all went ok..He was so grateful! I've done 'horse whispering' with him and he'll follow me around like a dog anyway but I have a cue I give ( a clucking  noise) that lets him know he's now free to go off and not follow anymore. Didnt work this am he followed me diligently all the way up the hill and even sidepassed away as asked when I motioned that he was getting too close..
The rug isnt very happy..I'm putting it in for repairs soon.In a bit worried about the spare one I've put on him as it has a dodgy back clip and if that gives way we could have a rerun..If so hopefully he won't freak as much. I wonder how long he'd been stuck like that?

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