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Friday, December 3, 2010

Finishing for the day & horsey tales

I think I've had it for the day.. been painting the Staffy and not going anywhere + I have a headache..I didn't get much sleep last night so think Ill go & do my chiro exercises to try & get rid of the headache and have a rest.
Rode Zeuss this am around the arena. I was a bit worried getting him ready as he was spooky about something down the paddock and I haven't ridden him for over a week.He went great though.
I decided to ride him around the paddock so I could look for the missing flyveil. It would be easier to find from above.I wasn't paying as much attention to him as a result. All the roos started to hop off away from us in flight mode and then something moved. Zeuss had already tuned into the mood of the roos & swerved violently & took off. He felt like he was going to buck but didn't. Lucky I can stick on when he does that but it woke me up and gave me a bit of a scare.I had him on a really loose rein which didn't help..

Reminds me of a ride a few years ago. I've done a lot of natural horsemanship stuff with him & used to ride in a rope halter all the time.The first time Adam Sutton rode him he was really impressed & said ' wow ! If he's this good in a halter whats he going to be like in a bridle! ' ( lousy which is one of the reasons I had Adam retrain him).
Anyway I had been doing dressage with a bridle for quite a while but decided to go for a ride in the halter for old times sake. I was going down a bushtrail on a loose rein and I noticed a bloated dead cow on the trail ahead..I wasn't worried as I didnt think Z would worry..he's generally pretty good. He saw it & whipped around & galloped off for 100m before I could gather up the reins and get things under control! The issue wasn't so much the halter but that I had the reins in loops.Lucky I can stick on in those situations I just don't stick when he bucks!
Zeuss & I doing groundwork 2003

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