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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My latest session on Mum's portrait

Well I ended up not using the light & just using the available day light. I enjoyed the 2.30hr session and was pretty happy with what I'd done until I got it home..I can see it has a few problems and needs more work ..

I need to correct a few areas and integrate everything.

It's getting there though.The problem will be to finish it off without 'killing it'and making it boring. So no Bill I won't be refining it a lot.I want it colourful , fresh and spontaneuos not finished off to death ..I want it to be a bit different.
I can see the mouth needs to be raised a bit ..argh!! I hate it when you get to this stage and big changes need to be made..sigh Plus I have a big list of other things that need doing.
 Her clothes have more red / brown tinges through them my camera tends to make all the blues fluoro.

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