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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Latest sitting with mum for the Archibald entry

I went out today and did another sitting with mum..I forgot how cramped it is out there! I should have had mum take a photo of me and the easel carmped up against the open loo . I'd walk back into the loo to try and get a bit further away from the portrait to check it. Its easier to see errors from a distance as you don't get bogged down in details..
 I knew the paper was coming to take photos and do a story and I knew the portrait would look worse before it got better so I fussed around on unimportrant things like the background and clothes until they had been. I should have done some more earlier as it actually looked better as I went.
I got on a roll and was pretty happy with how it was going. Here is a photo of how it looked..
I leave the eyes & mouth till last.I like the blue colour so I'll try to let little bits show through in the finished portrait.Long way to go yet but a good start..until..@##! this is what it looked when I got it out into normal light!
The light in the backroom had a yellow caste to it  so the lovely ornanges I thought I was getting weren't there when I took it out into daylight..Grr ! Now I'll have to redo it to get back to where I thought I had it..Next time I paint in that room Ill have to overcompensate and make it garishly orange so when i get it out it will be ok.
This is what Ive done to it since I got home..Its not as good as it would have been if I'd completed it as I thought I had in ok light but its good enough to go on with when I next get a chance.
I want the final portrait to be colourful and alive with many colours subtly vibrating..no pasty pinks etc..I probably won't get a chance to do another sitting now until after Xmas as I have to complete my Xmas commissioned portraits.

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