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Saturday, June 29, 2013

He's a winner to me! My 2013 Inglis Equine Art prize entry

I didn't have time to create an entry for this years Inglis International Equine art show so I entered my self portrait with Zeuss.
 The theme is 'Anything Thoroughbred'. Zeuss is a thoroughbred breed although he was never raced. Even though he never won a race I love him to bits so my title is 
' He's a winner to me!'

 I'm actually quite happy with the portrait ( it looks even better in the flesh) and I'm growing very attached to it. 
I'm entering the Singleton Art prize portrait section and I will be entering this painting and ' Brewing a joke'

All paintings in the artshow have to be for sale .It's unlikely anyone would want the portrait of Zeuss & I but I may have to put a high price on it just in case!
I don't like to do that as I usually put the price that a portrait would be if it was commissioned as then if someone likes that portrait but wants one of them they know what to expect.

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