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Friday, October 18, 2013

My realistic recreation of the painting of Caractacus English Derby Winner 1862

  Malcolm & Jenny came up from Sydney to see the portrait I'd created from their 1860's photo of the painting of English Derby winner Caractacus. 

One of their relatives was the trainer of the horse.They used to have a print of the painting but sold it years ago. Recently they saw that the original painting had sold in England on the antique show ' Flog it" for c 3100 english pounds. They decided they'd like a copy back in the family and sought me out to recreate a more lifelike version of the original. The original painting was done by an anonymous artist and was in a quite a stylised and naive style.The reference photo was taken from a video still from the TV show so it wasn't that clear.

 Above - the original painting by an anonymous 1800's artist

Above -  My recreation
60 x 84 cms
Framed size Oil

 Malcolm with the portrait

 The finished portrait with my suggested frame . I will frame the portrait in the next week or so.

 I found it an interesting and challenging task. I made the horse more realistic but kept the people similar to the ones in the painting but a bit more in proportion and real.
Malcolm and Jenny were very pleased with the result.
'I can't take my eyes off the painting '

'It fits the bill and looks very period'

I was to have Caractacus in an 1800's English rural setting - so no bright sunny skies like over here! 

 Here is the painting hung .

 The photo above is more typical of the colour of the portrait but this one shows the frame better.

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