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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why my portraits capture your pet better than any photo.

I'm painting the 4 dog portrait.
It's going to be a stunner when it's finished. Each face is 35cms high and almost the same wide .I have some great photos to improve on - they are sharp, nicely lit ,and show a bit of each dogs personality. I can always enhance a photo but photos like this really help!
Although I can create portraits from a wide range of photos I can still improve on professional photographers photos and you'll get the best portrait from something like that.I will enhance only the areas that are important .
A photo, even with a blurred background, just shows everything with similar importance.
Your eye doesn't see like that- it dwells on the things that are important to you and the rest is peripheral.That's why you often get excited , take a photo, and then when you view the photo it just hasn't captured your pet!
In your portrait I enhance the important things - expression , eyes colour etc . Once again they are what you notice- the excitement is back!

 The original reference photo


The completed portrait. 
See how much more feeling there is now.
A photo freezes a moment while a painting melts hearts!
I'm about to start painting Daisy the RH dog in the portrait.This is going to be a challenge as the canvas is really wide and she is over the top of my bench where I have my brushes etc so she will be hard to get at.Usually I can move the canvas across to help but I can't here.Oh well time to start!

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