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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rude awakening

I was in the middle of a dream this am and there's a bash bash on the window....( ???grr).
My partner says - 'Quick get your shoes and glasses on and come out..!"
I followed him into the bush on the property half awake - thinking grumble , grumble..this better be good or you're dead..( LOL"s)..We wandered around for 5 mins then - ' over there!'
An emu! I went all the way to SA to see some and here is one at our place! lol's.
They aren't native to the area but I'd heard a rumour about a year ago that there was one around ( a refugee from a wildlife place??) . That was one reason I had avoided trail riding Zeuss much in the bush.
I knew if he had seen it he'd do the spin and bolt off in the other direction ( which I can stick with) but then be a bundle of jittery nerves for ages ( freaks me out and I don't enjoy).
Hopefully he has met it and they are now great mates!
Cripes here I was riding around the property thinking we were safe..

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