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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The creation of Cec Shevels portrait

The reference photo

The portrait so far

Below - the stages- 
I did a really rough grid over the photo + the canvas just to ensure that I didn't end up with his head too close to the edges etc. I usually do it by eye in portrait sessions from a model. As I only have a few weeks to create this portrait I don't want to have to go back and move things because they are too close to the edges etc.. 
I also roughly put in the angle of his nose and the height of his eyes.The tilt of his head is really important for the expression and it's easy to miss this.

 Early stages - rough as guts! 
Most artist don't show you these ugly stages but I feel it makes it more interesting. When I first started painting I would get scared at this stage  as it looks so bad! Now I just have fun as I know it can only get better.
Just trying to get the rough placement of each feature- measuring and comparing distances and angles as I go.
His eyes are very roughly placed.

Below-  I've realised his eyes were too large and the wrong shape so I've fixed.
 I'm constantly refining and improving things. I haven't done his mouth yet just marked a rough angle and width.

 Below- his eyes are a bit more refined and the tones on his face a bit more finished.
It doesn't matter if the painting isn't in colour - if the tones ( shade of dark and light ) + shapes are right it will look like Cess.

 His mouth suggested.

  Cec has very unique smile - I need to capture that but at the same time tone down his teeth  a little to keep it flattering and natural.

Getting there..
I'm getting a bit frustrated with the acrylic paint as it dries darker than when you put it on whereas Oil stays the same. I'd get the tone right in the wet paint but once it dried it would look less contrasty and drab- grr. 
After fussing for a while I've decided  I'll fix that with the Oil.  
I don't want to spend too much time at this stage as it will all be covered anyway. I do want to get the proportions right and get a likeness though..

Just about good enough for the likeness at this stage.
I'll start on his shirt and background next. I wanted to do the hardest bit first while I was inspired!

I'm afraid I'm not very good at selfies  lol's!
 This is just to give you an idea of the size. 
The portrait will be a 50 x 60cms Oil on gallery wrap canvas

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