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Thursday, November 17, 2016

My demo painting for Lambton Park on Sunday 27th November will be a memorial portrait of an Alsatian dog in Oil.

Here is the latest better  reference photo and the sketch.

 I did this sketch from the original emailed reference photo which wasn't as sharp and had dark areas that his the shape of his eyes. I used some photos I had of  another similar dog to help me. Now I have a clearer photo of Wolfie I can see his jowls are different  so I'll amend that as I paint.

I'm having the canvas board made and will under paint him next week.
I should get a good start on him next Sunday. Come along and watch.
He'll be a 40 x 50cms custom Framed Oil. 

 Look at the original photo- I've shown the first emailed pic and a scan I have just done from the original photo.The first emailed pic was blurry and too contrasty. The scan I did today is much better!
Now I can see the shape of his jowls etc - the little things that make it Wolfie rather than another dog.This is why sharp photos are so important.

A blurry photo but it shows me his colour.

 Wolfie passed away back in the 70's so most of the photos aren't very sharp but the one we have picked is good and I have other photos of him to show me what colour to make him.

 It's unusual to create a coloured portrait from a B & W photo but the B & W one was the nicest and only sharp one we had.
 Luckily I'm used to painting from B & W . I usually do it at some stage in every portrait. I find if I just copy the coloured photo I end up with a drab and lifeless portrait - like the original photo. Copying from a B & W photo frees me to use many more subtle colours to really bring your portrait to life!  As  long as I pick a colour that's the same shade ( lightness or darkness) it will work.

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