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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another secret gift going interstate.

Misty Lynx + Hot N Peppy
50 x 60cms framed Oil
Both these mares died of separate accidents within 3 weeks .We only had mobile phone flash photos to work from and I ended up making up a body to suit.This is the portrait I was painting in the NBN TV segment.
Here is the TV link where I am painting this portrait.It gives a better idea of size.

We’ve heard of pet parlours and doggy day care, but what about pet portraits? A Hunter Valley artist is doing a roaring trade, by turning our animal companions into works of art. (For more information, head to www.suelinton.com.au)
9 seconds ago · · ·
Click on the download button at the bottom right of the video and it will give you a large screen version.

Kelva said it would be safe to post even though it hasn't been presented yet.
Here are the reference photos.
Misty- I've cropped the photo for privacy as it was a full body photo with children sitting on her.The photo was too dark without detail so I've lightened her in the portrait.

Initially Kelva wanted me to make both of Misty's ears point forward and straighten her muzzle but we agreed it would make a more interesting portrait and show her character more to leave them.
'Received the picture this morning in the mail and it is AMAZING!  I can't wait to give it to Simon, fortunately this year is flying past so a month shouldn't take too long.  I did have to give it to one of the girls here to look after at her house though so I didn't give in to temptation!  The way you captured their personalities is incredible, I almost want pat Peppy's outstretched muzzle.

Thanks again, the portrait is fantastic.  I'll let you know Simon's reaction next month!'


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