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Friday, August 5, 2011

Cactus - our pet Kangaroo

Cactus - we called her that because she used to like staying dry..LOL's

 The first time my partner saw Cactus he thought she was deaf and blind..all other roos would flee if you came near but she just stood there..We eventually found out she must have been a rescue joey that was released back into the area as the neighbours said she was at their place before ours and used to go in and lie on the bed!
She stayed with us for about 4 years.She was free to go with the wild roos but preferred to lie around on the back doorstep or come inside on the rare occasions we'd let her. My partner tripped over her in the dark one day and she just grunted!
She used to love a biscuit , would come  when we whistled and used to follow us when we went for a walk. Often for an hour with joey in tow. She raised several generations of Joey's and was the subject of quite a few paintings!
I have more photos of her but not scanned into the computer.
Cactus has gone now. We cried for weeks after she went.We had to put her down in 2003 because she was chased by feral dogs and injured going through a barb wire fence.Her offspring still comes near and comes up for a biscuit occasionally.
Can I come in?

Note the little presents in my shoe..

Ooh I like your studio.. can I help?

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