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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sketch from my portrait group yesterday

30 x 40cms 
 15 min sketch from a model
 The group is informal and we all take turns to sit still out the front as a model while the others sketch for 15mins. !5mins doesn't give you much time to get a likeness and a decent drawing but I felt this one had a good likeness and effect. I'd like more time to use more colours but with a largish ( lifesize) portrait like this it's not possible.
 Every 2nd week we pay a person to sit for a total of 2.30hrs in 20mins sessions.They get a few minutes to get up and move around inbetween sessions- sitting very still isn't easy! 2.30hrs allows us to use paint and get more done but it still isn't long enough to get a really accurate and finished portrait.The Oil portraits I do then are the coloured unfinished ones I post occasionally.

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