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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dog Funkhana at the dog cafe Gosford last Sunday

The dog fun khana on Sunday was good.
Dog Fun Khana
It rained on & off but we had a good turnout and plenty of dogs for the races and games. It was very entertaining and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
I wanted to get some action photos of them racing but my camera battery decided to die just as I set up. Bummer..
I was busy socialising so I was late starting to do my dog sketches. I only ended up doing one but it was of 3 dogs! which was challenging and ended up taking me 40 mins odd. Everyone had gone by the time I finished.

Due to lack of time I usually  use my camera to get the proportions of the dog and then finish off the sketched portrait from the live dog. This sketch I did mainly from the camera as with 3 dogs you need to plan where to place each one on the paper etc and I knew it would take me longer than normal. I did finish off at the end with each dog.

It was fairly dark where I was sketching so some of the photos of the sketch didn't turn out. here I have positioned each dog and in a lighter colour roughed them in.
Here I have shaded the darker areas a bit in a slightly darker pastel.It's not very obvious in the photo but I have done it! lol's
 Usually my sketches stay in sepia but the dogs were black so I decided to make them a bit darker. I didn't make them a black blob as I wanted some life in the sketch. The ' finished' sketch is below.
I'm going to frame it for Cindy and deliver it to Sharlene.

Cindy's dogs
Holly , Heather & Hanna
Considering the time it took at 15mins per dog I think it turned out pretty well.
My full portraits take several weeks per dog so are obviously more realistic and accurate!

I finally got around to framing Cindy's quick sketch from the dogfunkhana.

I decided I wanted to finish off Cindy's sketch a bit more so here is the latest version. I've put it back in the frame and it looks great! I'll deliver it to her tomorrow.


Holly, Heather and Hannah
quick pastel sketch
30 x 40cms image size


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