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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Its been a foggy morning and the roos are outside the studio again

They are all around the house and studio. 
The joey is the one that I was worried about months ago. The one that got confused and was trying to get into another mothers pouch. She wasn't impressed as she already had a joey and chased him off. He followed her around and kept trying as for a small joey not having the safety of a pouch to retreat into is deadly! I thought he'd had it but he reappeared with the right mum some time after. He is the one with his mum in these photos. I call him one ear for obvious reasons!

Whose watching who?..lol's

I don't know how he lost his ear.. A lot of the roos on our place have nicks in their ears or bits missing. I suspect it's from panicked scrambling through barb wire fencing .

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