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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The creation of my latest demo painting - Spirit

I started him at a horse event and completed him at home.As he wasn't a commissioned portrait I wanted him to be more arty than my usual paintings.I used colours that I wanted to and suggested him more.The reference photo is courtesy of Paco Marti horses.

If I didn't have to take my glasses off to paint but need them on to be able to see generally I could watch the horses warming up ! lol's. Every now and then I'd take a break and put them on and watch.
 I pity my poor old horse Zeuss. He only gets ridden once a week for 20 mins and he's 20 years old now . After watching Heath Ryan ( olympic rider) prancing around on his horse I go home and try and contort Zeuss into the same shape..lol's

Here he is on my easel at the event . I've just roughly placed him and got his shape with a suggestion of a background in acrylic paint. I use acrylic as it dries quickly so I can make alterations as necessary.

I've started to put the oIl paint over the top on his face and shoulders.You can see the paints on my palette below the canvas.

This was what I got done on the day.Now I've got his full body and a suggestion of ground done.I'm still not sure what I'm going to do in the background or even if I'll keep it.

For Sale
 40 x 50cms 
Oil on gallery wrap canvas

Here he is finished. I decided that he had enough oomph on his own and would look best with a pretty simple  background

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