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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goanna & Ducks

We've had several generations of wild ducks grow up on our place. This spring we've had 2 lots one 11 one lot of 2. It always seems to be the woodducks that succeed.
We have some tame black ducks but they always have their ducklings too late in ther season. They need to have them early before it gets too hot and the goanna comes around. I always thought that if they had a next in the dam on floating weed they'd be safe but it appears even that isn't so.
The Goanna was around this morning swimming in the dam and crawling around the edges.

He was swimming when I saw him but by the time I got the camera he was patrolling the edges watched on by nervous ducks.

These are our latest lot of wood ducks. They are almost at the flying stage so they are fairly safe but they looked a bit nervous.

This one shows his size better. The ducks in the photo are the black ducks who have never got the timing right to get a brood to survive him. If they have ducklings when it's cool he's still 'hibernating?' He disappears in winter. He eats the egss or small ducklings.

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