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Friday, October 26, 2012

Some more pics of me on Zeuss - still trying to get that perfect shot

Seeing I can't show you what I am painting at the moment I thought I'd show some more photos of me on Zeuss.
Still trying to get the perfect photo.We used to be a lot softer but as I only ride him 20mins a week these days he is a bit less relaxed than usual .

I was using a bit more hand than usual to get him to look nice for the photos .He also stresses a bit and flaps his lower lip.I'll post a few stressy ones at the end.

I think he was thinking of spooking at something in this one..Makes him look nice though..lol's. I'm going to ride him today for the first time in 10 days..He went better than on the day of the photoshoot! There was a goanna wandering around . Lucky he knows them.We went and stood under the tree trunk it was climbing up..lol's.
 Last time when we did the photoshoot there was a feral deer down at the arena. The first time he saw the deers he freaked but now they are his friends ( thank goodness or I wouldn't have enjoyed being on his back! ).

Here are some stressier photos..

His lower lip is flapping away here..He was great today nice and soft and relaxed.

I'm using a bit more hand today.I usually warm him up & then get into it but the camera was out so I was trying to get results quicker..

Here he is when I used to ride him before I bought him in  1999.This is ready for the Morpeth medicine trailride. There used to be a bloke who would provide a whole lot of horses for people to ride..Some of the horses + gear was a bit dodgy..lol's.Zeuss was one of the good ones.

 When we first started.. We've come a long way!
He always had a great temperament and is intelligent and sensitive. When I first got him he was hard to pull up ( never been properly broken in) and would only walk or canter. He had a really uncomfortable trot so everyone used to just make him go straight into a canter. Now he has a lovely trot.He also used to stumble really badly down onto his knees.
 I was worried he was a wobbler ( they fall down and are dangerous) so I had him vet checked when I had him on trial before I bought him .He didn't lunge at the time so I ran around in a circle leading him and fell head over heels.The vet laughed & said the horse isn't a wobbler but the owner is! lol's..
He used to buck me off a lot.Once again because he was never properly broken in.Someone jabbed him with sharp spurs when he was a 2 year old.He is a very free moving horse but the rider forgot which horse he was on and used spurs on him. Z did a bronc act. As he is so sensitive for ages after if you grabbed a bit with your legs ( if he stumbled etc) or even brushed his sides he'd freak and buck..
I did a lot of desensitising ground work and the dressage has been great as now he understands leg aids means something and I'm not out to get him. We get along pretty well these days. I'm proud of how far we've come.

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