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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ellen - This weeks 2.30hr unfinished practise portrait from a model

25x 35cms
Oil on canvas

Here is yesterday's 2.30hr unfinished portrait from a model. She is a lovely looking girl so I wanted to do her justice.
I am pretty happy with the portrait. If I was to finish it I'd just add a few more darks around her hair and under her
I'd like to make the colours a bit more vibrant but the pastel delicate tones suit her..I am starting to do smaller portraits so I get more finished in the time available.

They all start by looking  a little bit rugged!
Here I'm just getting the shape of her head on the canvas to make sure she fits.I'll constantly refine as I go along getting more and more accurate. The important thing is to not panic at this stage..lol's
 I sometimes get frustrated as I spend a lot of time in my blue acrylic stage so that I get a pretty good likeness before I put the Oil paint and colour on. Everyone else dives straight in with colour so their work looks finished a lot earlier than mine.

I have changed my working method lately. As we only have 2.30hrs to complete the paintings I am doing a smaller portrait and when I start on colour I do the features first then the skin later. This way I tend to end up with a portrait that looks more finished than the earlier ones where I'd paint all the skintones and features last. The only problem is sometimes I'd like to finish off the skin a bit more and get gutsier colour but I run out of time!
Getting the shape of her profile more accurate and placing her features.
With only an hour left I decide it's good enough and time to start putting colours and Oil paint on.I'll fix things as I go along! I can see the right eye needs to go lower to line up with the other.

Starting to work on her features.Ellen was getting tired and starting to sag a bit so I wanted to capture as much of her expression as I could before she got too tired and stiff.

She has lovely hair so I started to paint that. I decided I'd change the angle of her mouth rather than her eyes..It doesn't matter which so long as they line up and we don't have her mouth angled one way and her eyes another!

Now I have her features roughly painted I'm playing catch up with the rest of her.

Here is where I finished off on the day. I've added a bit more colour to her face and put some light accents where the light hits her face.These are the fun bits where a portrait starts to come to life!

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