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Friday, April 12, 2013

Hunter portrait artists exhibition at Studio 48 - our portrait painting groups 2013 exhibition.

Here are some photos from the opening. There was wide range of styles and standards . Everyone had to paint a self portrait including a hand and also another member of the group that they drew out of a hat.
The opening

Some of the portraits

My 2011 Archibald entry of my mother is on the RHS

 Denise with her self portrait ( LHS ) and another members portrait of her on the right.It was interesting to see other members versions of yourself!

  Here are 2 versions of Helen and Helen's portrait of me with one of my sailboards on the right.

Irini's self portrait top and John's version of her at the bottom. We had the reference photos next to them so you can tell if it is a good likeness.


Cath in front of the portraits of her. Her self portrait LHS & Bob's is RHS.

   Kay near her portraits. Denise's version LHS and Kay's self portrait RHS.
 My portrait of Cliff near Kath's self portrait. I didn't have enough time to paint two really large portraits.
Me with my self portrait with Zeuss. The portrait looks better than that. I edited the photo to make me look good. lol's

Here is how it should look

Helen's portrait of me LHS and mine RHS

 This is just a sample of the portraits. There were about 40 in total.

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