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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Brian's portrait - Homeward Bound continued

Last post I'd got Brian's portrait to this stage. Much as I loved the yellow water it couldn't stay as it was drawing your attention away from Brian's face. I also wanted it to be the end of a stormy day and have some atmosphere. I wanted to capture the mood of the day.

I haven't done a lot more to Brian's face since this photo - maybe added a little colour in the following stages. I am now just setting the stage to get the atmospheres I want and bringing the rest of the portrait up to the same standard of finish as his face.
Remember I did his face almost to completion as I didn't want to be chasing a likeness at the last minute. In retrospect I'm not sure that was the right way to go as it made the rest of the painting harder but it's all finished now..

Here is the original photo that inspired me. The painting is going in a portrait exhibition so although I like this photo I needed to show more of Brian's face without the hat and sunnies. 
I told him the portrait wouldn't be the most flattering .lol's 
I wanted to get the feeling of a long day and the weather worn sailor. 
As I said earlier if the portrait was a commission I would have made Brian look even better than in his photo!
  I used 5 different photos to come up with this painting. One for Brian's face , another few for his jacket , another for the background , several for for the lighting on the water and more for details etc.


Below- One of the photos I used for his wetgear-  I changed the colours a little. Sorry Brian - a very unflattering photo!

 Below - I've done some more finishing on his rain jacket and started on the lighting on the water. I've also done a bit more work on the steelwork of the boat.

Below-  A bit further along.
 I've got the overall scene and background as I wanted but felt we needed something more on the LHS of the painting so I started to paint the mainsheet ropes and blocks in. Beforehand I spent a couple of hours in photoshop playing around to come up with an idea without actually painting on the painting.
I'm still not 100% sure but I've started. It better work or I'll have a big repaint of all the sky and body it is covering..
Boy I'm leaving it late. I have to deliver it 'dry' before Friday..!

Below - Here it is with the rigging finished.
I quite liked this effect with him behind the rigging as I felt it gave a more 3 D effect but the diagonal rope was distracting so I removed it. Luckily it was still wet so with a wet turpsy rag I managed to wipe off several hours work..sigh..The under layers were dry enough not to come off.


Finally - finished - I think.. I added extra highlights on the RHS of his jacket where the sun would have hit it and put the other side in shadow. In reality it was overcast when the photos were taken so I had to use a bit of artistic liscense!

 Homeward bound
 46 x 60cms 
Oil on gallery wrap canvas

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