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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I faced my fears and won!

I'm stoked. I faced my fears today and took Zeuss for a trailride and his first gallop for years..
I've been getting a bit bored with arena work ( need a lesson) but haven't felt game enough to trailride.
I gave him his first ride in about 2 weeks today. I had to get a bit forceful on the lunge to stop him dropping back into a trot. I don't know if I actually hit him with the lungewhip or just got a bit close but we got a bronc act. Luckily he understands enough to cut it out after a few flicks with the lead and then I just go CANTER! again and he's an angel..hehe
He went well in the arena so I decided we'd go out the back gate and explore the bush out there ( conservation area). I'd been too slack to put his hoofboots on so we went bush mainly. He really enjoyed it and so did I. He was really quiet but responsive and I decided to give a gallop a go.
We came out onto a 4wd trail going up a hill. Cripes can he move! Think I'll have to change his name to turbo! lol's. You just think he's at full speed and you get another gear. Scarier than doing over 30kts on a sailboard!
It was only a couple of hundred metres. Usually I just yell whoa! and he props to a stop but the adrenaline was up and it took a small argument to get him to stop.
Don't know who was more surprised at the gallop me or him..Poor bugger was puffing for ages after. At least he didn't have a heart attack on me - at 21 in paddock condition i was worried he might.
Wow I did it! I've been kicking myself for my whoosiness as he's such a great horse to ride and I know if he suddenly goes lame and has to be retired I'll be kicking myself that I didn't use him more when I could.

 These photos are from a trailride back in 2012. We'd just got back into the paddock at the end of the ride. I ride him on a lose rein as well but like to do a bit of schooling while I'm out there. he generally has more go than in the arena. Actually we need to work on go slow at a canter - he is pretty good at fast or slow trot but we don't get enough practise in canter.  He usually needs waking up in the arena!

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