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Friday, April 4, 2014

The portrait group I paint with recently had their annual Exhibition . Here are photos of the opening night.

 I'm with the portrait I created for the exhibition - Homeward bound.
Below is my entry in the practise portrait section.
We had to pick one of our favourite 2.30hr portraits. I don't finish any of them off at home where as some other artist to. Mine is the LHS one. These sessions are where I play around with colour! This one was created back in 2012.

 We all had to do one 30 x 30cms square of a larger portrait and it was combined in this large mosaic .My bit is the hair above the lady walking - the stripey panel.

The idea was that each artist would find a Newcastle subject of 'note' and paint their portrait. You had to have one live session and then finish it from photos. Like a Newcastle version of the Archibald Art Prize!
Here is John with his portrait. The Novatone's barber shop singers sang at the opening and John is a member of that group as well.
 Some other entries - There are a wide variety of styles amongst us!

 The one above by Cliff had a background of very small photos of Lake Macquarie.
 The person runs Disability sailing on the Lake.

 Pam with her portrait.

 Unfortunately it is very hard to get a decent photo of paintings under glass as reflections obscure them. some were very good. I love both of these.

 Bob's portrait of Warren Smith - Lifeguard and Surfest organiser.
Bob created 2 portraits of Warren - even more amazing was that one was done left handed as his shoulder needed an operation.

 Bob Fussell from Fussell Marine Warner's Bay - accomplished dinghy sailor. Painted by his wife Kath. There were 3 sailing themed portraits including mine.

 Judith with her amazing portrait.

 Kay's portrait of Judy Stone the singer. It was in a bad location and backlit and it was very hard to get a decent photo of it. I didn't have enough time or space to create such a large portrait!
More 2.30hr practise portraits

 Lee Anne with her portrait.
Bob with Warren Smith and his portrait of Warren.

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