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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dexter the demo painting

I ran a FB competition asking for people to send in their photos and I would select one for a demo painting. Michelle won with her photo of Dexter.
 She receives a $50 voucher towards a portrait , some hand made cards of  the portrait and a discounted option to buy.
With commissioned portraits I consult with you all along the way , you choose the size , whether it is Oil or Pastel and the framing. 
With a demo I more or less just do what I want which is why I offer any demo painting at a reduced rate. There is no obligation to purchase the portrait.
 Here is the original reference photo for Dexter.
Thanks to Penny Brookes Photography for allowing me to paint from her great photo! 

 25 x 30cms image size 
 Framed Pastel

The finished portrait. I removed Dexter's chain from around his neck
Here he is framed.

 I have cut the mats and show the frame I will be using. This is how I run my framing ideas past you for your feedback..You can see how much better the actual frame ( above) looks than the mockup ( bottom below) but it gives you an idea of what he will look like with that framing option.

Above - a rough computer mockup top show you what he will look like framed. This was done before I took his chain off. You can see how his neck is puffy because of the choker.
He will be approx 51 x 44 cms framed size.
 The 25 x 30cms image framed pastel is a great value portrait option!

Contact me to have your own pet's portrait created!

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