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Monday, May 18, 2015

I had a lovely day at the RSPCA Million Paws walk at Speers Point yesterday.

We were SO lucky! It rained most of Saturday , overnight and heavy rain as the organisers arrived to set up but then cleared to a perfect sunny day!
It's the first time they have been at Speers Point.It used to be at
Morpeth but outgrew the common.
It was very busy. There were many interesting people and dogs - some coloured poodles and a Staffy with a wig that looked like a lion- his owner had a spiked wig on. I would have loved to take some photos but I was very busy most of the day.
The day just flew and I met a lot of interesting people
 Here are a few photos of the day.
I was painting a portrait of Tip the Sheltie. As usual I do an acrylic underpainting the opposite colour to what he will eventually be. I was a bit worried the TV cameras would arrive and take some footage of him when he was blue so hurried to change him to a more respectable colour! 
I needn't have worried as they didn't take any footage of me although they have before.
 Shelley and Meg bought Tip along for me to meet.
Painting success is all about how you hold your mouth..lol's

Ranger SamWhen I saw the photo I was surprised at how tall he was ! ..or how short I am..
I usually wear glasses but take them off to paint so I got to look younger in the photos!

Early stages of Tip. I was covering  all the blue!

 A bit further along and I've done the tan colours on his face.

This is the stage I got at at the end of the day. I was pretty happy with him. Since bringing him home he looks less colourful so I'll zap up the colours bit and I need to finetune him , get him more accurate and get those last lifelike touches..
It was very enjoyable day.
Some of the dogs I met.

Many dogs had fancy dress. the stall next to me had some great caps , coats and other things.

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