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Friday, November 30, 2012

Scary season ahead

Friday night-

Well we didn't need this..
 A dry thunderstorm came through with heaps of lightning strikes. I lusually love storms but I hate dry ones in this weather.
We heard a massive strike which seemed to be near the house. A bit later we were on the verandah watching the storm when my partner noticed a fire which seemed not far down the drive! Argh!!
 Panic stations..We're out racing around in the dark and luckily now light rain carrying buckets to it..
A tree had been hit and it had started a grass fire about 50' in diameter.. Cripes what good are a few buckets going to do! It was also 400m from the tap..Amazingly with a few buckets and a stick each to bash out the edges we got it mainly out..
I'd rung 000 and the fire brigade was on its way so I stood sodden in the drive to direct them.We had to make sure that everything was well and truly out as its supposed to be 41 degrees again tomorrow.
Umm thats a wakeup call. I've always thought the fire danger wopuld come from the Nw where the bush is. Lucky there wasn't any wind and we had a bit of drizzle or it could have been a lot worse.
 The neighbour drove over to see what was happening ( he saw it first and called 000) and he said he saw my partner coming down the drive with 2 buckets of water and thought ' thats not going to do much!'
 It shows how helpless you are really.On an acreage you don't really have any way of reaching most areas if you have a spot fire. Boy I'll be donating to the rural fire service next time they ask!
Mm I'm not going to like this summer. If it's damp enough tomorow am hopefully I can slash some of the grass in the paddock to reduce the risk. Lucky my back has just come good! Don't think I'll sleep much tonight..

Boy a real fire must be scary!
 Zeuss gave a big whinny out of the dark as I walked by.. maybe he knew something was amiss?

Sat -
We annoyed the neighbours with some early morning slashing..( just joking I emailed them to explain and I'm sure they will be happy - especially the ones closest to the fire who rang 000 1st!).
It's good in a way as I had never thought of exiting the place other than the driveway so now we'll have to consider bush exits and cut trees down that are blocking the gate. It also made me realise that if a big fire is coming and there are spot fires 1km ahead you'd have to leave really early as if it's 40 + degrees with tinder dry + wind it wouldn't take long to be blocked  in.

I'll also have to remember to grab my current portrait commissions and take them with me when I go!
 It makes you realise how insignificant humans are.

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