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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The creation of Kiri

Kiri is the queen of the household. I have created many portraits of Sian's household of cats and Kiri is  about the 7th  or 8th portrait.
As befits a queen and favourite we have chosen a larger portrait. The rest have been 40 x 50cms image portraits while she is 50 x 60cms image size. She will be stunning when she is framed.
Kiri is a Maine Coone cat with a gorgeous white ruff , whispy tips on her ears , long whiskers and a big tail. She is enormous!
The photo we had was of her lying on Sian's suitcase. Sian goes away a lot and Kiri hates it.It's almost like she is trying not to let her go.
Although the pose was good we chose another nicer face and I put that on her portrait. I also enhanced her ruff and colour.
Here she is complete and I will also put up progressive photos so you can see how I painted her.
71 x 81cms framed oil
I started with an acrylic underpainting and roughly covered the whole portrait. Her face wasn't accurate but that didn't matter as I fix that as I go along. When I had sent the sketch to Sian she asked me to make her paws larger as the photo made them look smaller than they are.They are fixed here.
Here I have started to use Oil paint on her coat but I haven't done any of the white part of the coat yet. This is the drab and ugly stage.
I quite like her here but she has to llok like Kiri so I had to add some darker bits. I've done a little bit of her white coat but it isn't finished.

Here she is about 85% finished. The final touches don't show up in photos especially if it's a large painting so the photo is taken from a distance. I decided I didn't like the blue background and asked Sian if I could change the colour of the suitcase as that would allow me to use colours that would better enhance Kiri.
 With her permission I did and I think the new colours are much more flattering ( below). Now was the time to put in her whiskers , make her ruff more 3 d and finish all the other little details
that bring her to life!
 Here she is again finished.

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