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Monday, July 8, 2013

West Wallsend Heritage Mural continued..

 Primed and ready to go! 
Most artist get nervous  when they are going to start a painting and are  looking at a blank canvas- it's quite intimidating.. Imagine how I feel looking a a 2.4 x 6.7m blank canvas! lol's
Notice the large anthill in the foreground. Lucky it's winter and they are hibernating or doing whatever ants do in winter or I'd be eaten alive everytime I walked back to check how the mural was looking..
 I notice the mural gets the sun from quite early in the day. That will make it a bit more challenging as the paint dries almost as soon as it hits the panel which makes it hard to blend and soften effects. 
 Another thing to keep in mind is that at home the panels face NW and will be very glary to paint until I get rid of the white. They will also be in sunlight. When it is installed it will be facing East and not get much or any direct sun. I will need to take regular photos of the mural in the shade as I paint to check it looks bright enough. If you are painting a surface in bright light its easy to paint it too dull. It will have to look a bit over the top in sunlight so it is colourful in the shade once installed.

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