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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A day at the races..

I am going to enter the Inglis Equine art prize again although this time I will allow myself enough time to do a decent painting. The theme is a day at the races so I organised to go and take some photos at the local track.
I had a good day at the races yesterday although a bit different to most of the other visitors. Thanks to Alex and Alan I got ferried up to the starting barrier for each race and got to take photo of the horses preparing , going in and leaping out.

There were 5 of us in the car so it was a bit chummy in the back seat.Graeme one of the guys who's job it was to put the horses in said I must have liked them to keep squishing into the car..I said I was stalking him..
As we were going back to the buildings after the race had started there were horses cantering up and everyone was amused when I asked ' Is that the next race?' Dur.. it was the same race finishing..Didn't fall for that one again..

The weather was favourable it didn't rain and we even got a bit of sun occasionally.I really need a better camera as the ones I took weren't as sharp as I'd like but there are some good ones that should do for a painting.The problem will be selecting only one as I don't have time to do more.

The photo is Alex in action. Alex is having me create a portrait of herself with Country Tide her favourite horse who sadly passed away earlier in the year.

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